Status: I feel as though this needs a warning since there wasn't one... So- SLOW PROGRESSING SLASH. There we go~

Sweet Surrender

'Mortal Vampire' wasn't exactly the phrase to come to mind when Nathaniel Vogel found out his eyes changed color.
His only thought was that it was another thing to make him that much stranger.
He didn't think it would attract an actual, blood drinking Vampire either.

Varian Joll takes care of himself and his younger sister Venerra on a large horse farm, with his favorite horse Cana. Venerra is Mortal, though Varian is Changed thanks to a previous boyfriend. For some reason, he seems to find Nathaniel... Interesting.

So when Varian drinks his own blood out of desperation and gets fatally sick, how long will Nathaniel be able to avoid him? Even worse, what happens when he realizes he's starting to like Varian as more than just a friend?

(Note: Long chapters, Vampire Slash, and some Graphic Scenes)
  1. Chapter 01
    Of Senior Years and First Days.
  2. Chapter 02
    Of Boring Classes and Persistent Mortals
  3. Chapter 03
    Of Marshmallows and Aunt Millies
  4. Chapter 04
    Of Notes and Legends.
  5. Chapter 05
    Of Skipping Lunches and Mortal Vampires
  6. Chapter 06
    Of Accusations and Elements
  7. Chapter 07
    Of Poisoning and Avoiding (Squeamish? I suggest you skip some parts.)
  8. Chapter 08
    Of Rejection and Odd Doctors
  9. Chapter 09
    Of Musings and Blood (Slight squeamish warning)
  10. Chapter 10
    Of Comas and Investigations
  11. Chapter 11
    Of Investigations Continued and Really Good Ideas
  12. Chapter 12
    Of Needles and Pretzels
  13. Chapter 13
    Of Horse-Washing and Making Out
  14. Chapter 14
    Of Sneaking and Glass
  15. Chapter 15
    Of Hair Cuts and Kissing
  16. Chapter 16
    Of Apologies and Pink Eyes