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Crazy Thing Called Love

Ch.2 First Time for Everything

Present Day
I was in a peaceful sleep until I heard the t.v in the living room blaring, so I got up to see what was going on. When I got to the living room my son Reece was sitting on the couch bouncing up and down to the Imagination Movers, I just smiled while watching him. And yes, I finally got my own place a few years ago, but that's another story. I walked over to the couch and sat down and said
"Reece can you turn the t.v down, I don't think the neighbors want to here it"
he turned it down and we watched the episode together. Once the episode was over I looked at him and asked
"So Reece what do you want for breakfast?"
"Blueberry pancakes" he said with a huge smile which made me laugh
"Alright, do you want to help me make them?"
"Ok" he said and jumped up and ran to the kitchen
I got up and went to the kitchen and once I got into the ktchen Reece was getting all of the supplies and ingredients out
"Calm down Reece, the pancakes aren't going anywhere" I said.
I started puting all the ingredients together and then my phone started ringing
Every long lost dream
Lead me to where you are
Others who broke my heart
They were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way
Into your lonving arms
This much I know is true
That God bless the broken road
That led me straight to you
I answered it and said to Reece
"Can you put the blueberries in?"
"Sure" he then put the blueberries in
I heard on the other line
"I would love to, but I'm not at your house"
"Hi Duane Lee, I was talking to my son" I said with a small smile
"What are you making with blueberries?" he asked
"My famous blueberry pancakes" I said
"Alright, well if there so famous, let me try some"
"Alright, and I'm guessing I have to come in today?"
"You guessed right" he said
"Well let me feed my boy and drop him off at the babysitter and I'll be that way soon"
"Why don't you just bring Reece in today, Lyssa misses him"
"Fine, I've got to get these pancakes cooking and I'll bring you guys some, I'll see you in alittle bit ok"
"Ok Sam, bye"
I then hung up and cooked the pancakes. We ate and I put the leftovers in a plastic container so I could take the Chapman's some of my famous pancakes.
"Ok, Reece, you need to get ready for the babysitter" I said
He's going to be surprised when we pull up to the bail bonds I thought
"Ok" he said and walked to his room to get ready.
Once he was done we headed towards the bail bonds. Reece was so spaced out that he didn't even notice that we passed the street that the babysitter lives on
Boy, surprising him is going to be easier than I thought I thought
we then pulled up at the bail bonds and I said
"Well, we're here"
he looked and got all excited and got out of the car. I got out of the car tooand we went inside. Once we were inside we were greeted by Beth
"Hey Sam, Hey Reece" she said hugging us
"Hey" I said
"Hi Beth" Reece said
Then we heard
"Well if it isn't little Reese's Pieces"
"Duane Lee" Reece said and ran to him
Duane Lee picked him up
"Be careful Reece, I'm sure Duane Lee has to go catch somebody today" I said.
Then I heard
"I thought I heard a fimilar voice"
I looked to my right and saw Leland
"Hey Leland" I said
"Hey Samantha, how are you?" he asked
"I'm doing good, I brought my famous blueberry pancakes for everybody to try" I said holding up the container.
Duane Lee put Reece down and went for the container but I gave it to Beth and said
"You're not eating them all Duane Lee, everybody gets two"
Beth chuckled, then Dog and Lyssa came into the room
"What's up sistah?" Lyssa said coming over and gave me a hug and I hugged her back
"Nothing much, just brought some food for you guys, but Duane Lee wants to hog it all" I said with a smile
"I wasn't going to eat them all" Duane Lee said in protest
"Sure you weren't" I said and looked at Dog
"Hello Sam" he said
"Hi Dog, how are you?" I asked
"I'm doing good, but I'll be better when we get this guy off the streets" he said, which that was a hint to everybody that it was time for work.
Beth, Lyssa, Leland, Duane Lee, and Dog went into the other room to do their profiling while I sat down at my desk and started my paperwork and Reece was putting folders into the filing cabinets. I guess I was so into my work to here my name being called that Lyssa was now infront of my desk.
"Yeah, what is it Lyssa?"
"Dog said your going on the bounty today"
"Why? Who's going to watch Reece?" I asked
"I'll watch him, I can't go, I'm pregnant, so that's why he wants you to go" she said
"Alright, and congradulations Lyssa" I said getting up and and going into the room where they were profiling.
I sat down on the black leather couch next to Leland while Beth was in the recliner by the window and Duane Lee was in the other one that was sitting next to me.
"Alright, Sam to make the story short we a going after Leo Piper, 5'11, 145lbs., brown hair, brown eyes, he has a tattoo of a skull and cross bones on his right hand, and he's been doing drugs again so we are revoking his bond" Dog said
"Okay" I said
"Sam could you call his girlfriend and see if he's there?"
"Sure" I said and dailed the number
"Now, you have to make something up" Dog said and then someone ansered the phone
"Hello, may I speak to Leo Piper?" I asked kindly as we heard a male voice in the background
"He's not here right now, can I take a message?"
"This is Sheila Saunders and I was calling to set up an interview with him for the job opening I have" I said
"Okay, I'll have him call you when he gets back" she said and we heard over the phone
"Jazzy, honey I'm hungry"
"Okay, thank you" I then hung up
"She's lying, he's there, let's go before he gets away" Dog said.
Everybody was getting ready and I went over to Reece
"Reece, mommy's got to go with them, but Lyss will be here to play with you okay?" I said
"Okay" he said and I hungged and kissed him and I left with them.
I was with Beth and Leland in the SUV while Duane Lee and Dog were in the other.
"So what's the plan?" I asked Beth, which she was driving
"Well, we're going to the girlfriend's house and when we get there you will go up to the door and ask for Leo and that's when the boys go in" she said
"Why do I have to go to the door?"
"Because they know what we look like, I'm sorry Sam" Beth said
"That's okay" I said and stared out the window until we got there.
Dog and Duane Lee got out of the SUV and came to Beth's to give me the plan
"Did Beth tell you the plan?" Dog asked
"Yeah" I said alittle nervous
"Don't worry, everything's going to be okay, we'l be right behind you" Duane Lee said
"Alright" I said getting out and headed towards the house.
Once I got there I knocked on the door. A few seconds later the door opened up revealing a woman.
"Yes, How can I help you?" she asked
"I was wondering if Leo was here, he forgot to sign something on his resume" I said
"Leo, Come here" she yelled
Leo came to the door and that's when Dog, Leland and Duane Lee came running and I backed away so I didn't get hurt.
"What are you guys doing?" Leo's girlfriend asked
"He's under arrest, and you lied to us" Beth said coming up to the house
"Lied about what?" she asked
"You know you were aiding and abedding a wanted person right?" Beth said
"No I wasn't, what did he do?" she asked
"He's been doing drugs again and you know it" Beth said
The guys then took him to the SUV's and me and Beth walked to the SUV
"You did a wonderful job Sam" Beth said giving me a hug when we got to the SUV
"Thanks" I said
Then Duane Lee came over and hugged me and said
"You were great"
"I didn't do much" I said hugging him back
"Sure you did" he said and let me go
"Great job Sam, you should come with us more often" Dog said
"Thanks Dog, and I just might go with you guys again, just not right now or for the rest of the week, I've got a baby boy waiting for me back at the office you know" I said giggling alittle
"Right, I almost forgot, you and Beth can go back to the office while the three of us take Leo to jail" Dog said
"Thanks" I said and me and Beth got into the SUV and went to the office while the boys went to book the Leo into jail.
It was quiet on the way back to the office until Beth started talking
"So, what was that hug with Duane Lee about?"
"Nothing, why?"
"From what I saw it looked like more than a friendly hug" she said
"Beth, it was just a hug, you read into things way to much" I said with a chuckle
"Whateva sistah, just so you know, if things between you and Duane Lee get more intimate, I wouldn't mind if you were my daughter-in-law" she said
I blushed alittle and looked out the window and it was quiet for the rest of the ride. Once we got back it was pretty boring, I finished my paperwork and me and Reece went home and had dinner. I helped Reece take a bath and put him to bed, I then took a shower and went to bed. I layed there thinking about what happend today. I then fell into a deep sleep.