Status: well, im working on it....


When King Charles sends his two sons a young mute girl to be trained as a weapon in the upcoming war, the brothers don't know what to think. Then, when things start happening, they begin to wonder if Allisyn is who their father say she is.

(This story was originally going to be based around the lives or the royal family, but i changed a few details in it, like making Prince Charles a king. anyway, if you don't like it, then I'm sorry.)

Also, i don't own the Royal Family(obviously), but Allisyn is my own creation, as is the plot. if you like it, feel free to comment, but if you steal my ideas, and i find and/or read them, i will as also find and/or hunt you with a giant ax. Kidding. But seriously, don't steal. You won't find friends through theft.

Anyway, hope you enjoy (: