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Hey Moon, XO Under the Stars

the moon never falls

i never want this night to end. i pray for time to slow, for the moon to hang high so his arms will keep around me tighter and warmer. i pray for his kisses to litter through my hair as we snuggle under covers that, eventually, will have to be pushed off for us to return to the world.

he opened his blinds for us, as his room faced the back of the house and the bay windows were beautiful. a heavy light shines over us - lighting the soft shape of his chest beneath my head and casting my nose's shadow down. his fingers reach up, threading through my hair and i turn to face him.

"can you make the moon never fall?" i whisper, looking up with unguided and unguarded love.

"sugar, you know that's what i'd like." he leans down, peppering where freckles hide since the tan wasn't coming along quite well with his lips. "but you also know that's what i can't do. i'm just a man, as you are just a girl."

"if i am a girl, then you are a boy. if you are a man, then i am a woman," i tease, rolling so i straddled him. his hands pressed to my hips, steadying sleep ridden limbs so i'd not fall over.

"you're whatever you want, sugar." he laughs now, his nose wrinkling. i lean down to kiss there, and we end up with our foreheads pressed together.

the weak starlight and strong moonlight over us shine over so many others, probably hundreds and thousands in the same warm embrace as we were. however, none of them see the same sight i see. the clock's ticking next to us, the stars twinkle alongside us, and we lean in for just one more kiss that will become yet another and another.

and though we only have a few hours more of this soft blue night, i trust that we'll find ourselves under the stars once again very soon.