The Time Capsule

Selena Lawrence was the quiet girl of the group. She was very aware of her surroundings and always knew when to get everyone out of a situation. She was the go-to girl for help, whether it was advice or a floor to sleep on. She hated breaking the rules and rarely allowed her friends to do so either. She was more or less the mother of the group, always taking care of others. Now, she’s a divorcee, living by herself in a beach house in Miami, Florida and working as a Lawyer.

James Watson was the bad boy. He loved getting in trouble and quickly learned that being the player of the school wasn’t so terrible. So that’s the reputation he got. Rarely, did he agree with anyone else in the group, but he stuck with them because they were always there. It didn’t matter that they had nothing in common, it was like having another family. When you were in need, they were there. Well, usually Selena was there. Now he’s kept up his player status, usually having at least two girlfriends at the same time. He works in New York City at a publishing company.

Amber Woods was the outgoing, popular girl of the group. She was always at a party on the weekends and home studying during weeknights. Her group of friends varied from day to day, and consisted of about the whole school. She loved having her three best friends though, knowing she could trust them with her life. Now she does what she loves, cooking. She’s a chef in Seattle, Washington and is currently dating a doctor.

Greg Toomey was the geek. It’s as simple as that. He made sure that everyone in the group was getting good grades, even if that meant late night tutoring sessions. He always lived with a computer in front of his face and now works as a web designer on the beaches of California. He’s very awkward around others, and isolates himself into his room. knowing who he is, is one thing. Finding him is another.

Sixteen years ago they were the best of friends. Now, they’d be better off saying they were strangers. Sixteen years ago they made a lot of promises. Now, no one remembers. Sixteen years ago they buried the time capsule. Now, they’re about to find out the secrets from their youth.