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World Peace Needed (Title Will Change Later)

Chapter one

I woke up in the hospital. Someone held my hand tightly. My eyes scanned the room. It was pretty crowded. My adopted family, a few friends from school or the orphanage, and my girlfriend was clutching my hand. I couldn’t find my adopted mom at first before I realized someone was gently holding my other hand. I saw my adopted mom looking exhausted as though she hadn’t slept a wink.
“Mom… are you alright?” I wheezed out.
“Oh honey,” my mom sobbed. “Thank goodness, you’re alright.”
I slipped my hand out of my girlfriend’s grasp and gently smoothed my mom’s dark hair.
“Shh. Shh.” I whispered.
“Rick. Rick. She’s a-awake.”
My dad walked over swiftly and stroked my hair. “Autumn, sweetie, who did this to you?”
“A human from school,” I replied.
“Do you know his name?”
I tried to rack my brain to remember. “There were two of them… one was…”
“Sweetie, it’s okay. If you don’t remember, you don’t remember. We’ll find out who did this to you.”
“It was Paul Walker and… and Aiden… Aiden Fisher.”
Mom and Dad shared a look.
“What’s wrong, guys?”
“Aiden came by… He brought you flowers… and a card…” Mom explained slowly. “Are you sure it was him…?”
I nodded weakly devastated he had attacked me. “He didn’t do much of the damage… Mostly it was Paul. But Aiden did hurt me a bit.” After a pause I asked, “Can I see the card and flowers?”
Dad frowned a bit. “How about after your friends leave and after your mother gets some rest?”
I nodded. “Did anyone go rest at home?”
“We sent everyone home for a day at least. Your mother and I didn’t leave.”
“Mom, how about you get some rest?” I offered.
“Alright, honey. I’m so glad you’re awake.”
Mom got up, dropped a kiss on my forehead, stroked my cheek, then she walked over to the couch.
Dad started gently waking my friends as I gently woke Charity, my girlfriend. Charity opened her beautiful green eyes. A soft smile was on her lips when she saw me.
“I’m so glad you’re awake,” she said as she lightly kissed my forehead. “I got you a gift.”
I smiled at her. “You didn’t have to.”
“Yes, I did. You’re in the hospital. You’ll need company while we’re away.”
“How long am I going to stay here?” I asked frowning.
“They said they want to keep you for observation for a couple days after you wake up,” she explained as she fished around in her backpack. Charity pulled out a plush stuffed tiger then continued, “We would stay with you, but most of us have school. So I bought you a tiger which I charmed.”
She smiled proudly. Charity, two years ago, wasn’t very good at magic because she said she had no reason to care. The day she met me I was getting beaten up pretty badly, so since that day she had been studying her skills. She had now succeeded far past her class.
“You charmed it?! Charity, that’s amazing!”
My twin sister, Christina, jumped on me. “Oh my God! You’re awake! Who did this to you?!”
I saw Fang standing at the foot of my bed. “Yeah, do you know who did this to you?”
“No,” I lied. “I can’t remember.”
I hated lying to them, but my friends, my twin, and I were very close and wicked protective of each other. They were going to be out for blood, and in this world that was alright to kill a human that hurt a creature unlike themselves although, I never truly believed that was the way to go.
Mav looked worried about me. I sat up straight and hugged my twin, then Charity.
“Maaav,” I whined. “Come here. I want to huuug yooou.”
He flashed a grin and walked over to me. I gave him a quick tight hug before noticing Fang pouting.
“Fang, can I hugs you, too?” I asked grinning.
He grabbed me into a hug then Crow stole a hug. My adopted brother, Kayden, was standing by my dad silently. He sent me a weak smile. I smiled back.
I wanted to talk to my friends, but I was getting tired. Dad and Charity noticed first.
Charity said, Maybe we should get going. Autumn must be exhausted. She really does need to rest.”
“I’m sorry, guys.”
They smile and after saying bye left. Twin gave me a tight hug and was about to leave before Dad grabbed her arm gently. Fang kissed my forehead and hugged me lightly.
“Feel better soon, lil one.”
He walked out the door. Charity gave me a quick hug and a peck on the lips before leaving.
“Kayden, how about you bring Autumn her cards from her friends and teachers,” my dad suggested. “Don’t get the roses though. She’ll look at those when your mother gets up.”
I heard a phone vibrating against a hard surface. Dad groaned as Christina went into a cabinet full of my belongings. She retrieved my phone and brought it to me as Kayden brought me a pretty thick stack of cards.
I looked at Dad, who was running his fingers through his hair as though he was stressed.
“Dad, are you alright?” I asked as I nervously bit my lip.
“No, I’m not alright. You’re in the hospital, you know who attacked you, and knowing you you’ll fight to protect the pathetic humans who did this to you! And your phone’s been driving me up the wall.”
I frowned and silenced my cell phone. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been attacked.”
“Rick, honey, please don’t do this to her. Autumn’s not feeling good, and she doesn’t need extra stress from us,” my mom said as she got up.
She picked up this beautiful bouquet of red roses with a card and a teddy bear nestled neatly in the arrangement. She brought it over to me.
“Mom, you should get some rest.”
“I’ll rest when we get home.”
“Then please, you guys should go home.”
“Not until I figure out why that boy who beat you gave you gifts,” Mom said.
She handed it to me, and I picked up the card out of the beautiful roses.
My eyes flicked across the page urgently. Aiden needed my help. It didn’t matter that he had hurt me. I put the card down slowly.
“Honey, what does it say?” Mom asked.
I ripped the tubes and stuff off my arms, hopped off the bed, ran to the bathroom, changed, and ran to the bathroom, changed, and ran to the window. I opened the window wide, perched myself on the ledge, spread my white feathery wings that straight across were thirteen feet. I hopped off the ledge and started flying toward Aiden’s house.
No, I didn’t know where Aiden lived. It’s not like humans wanted to hang out with any other species, though Aiden and I did hang a bit. The only reason I knew where Aiden lived was because that’s one of an angel’s talents. We can, for anyone in danger, just know automatically where the person is.
I felt someone violently grab my arm back.
“Autumn, what do you think you’re doing?!” Christina yelled at me.
“Aiden! He’s in danger!”
“Yeah! That’s not news! He attacked you, so he gets put to death!”
“He may already be dead!” I screamed back yanking my arm back and zooming off to Aiden’s house.
Tears stung in my eyes. What if he was already dead? I’d never seen a dead body before. I never went to the executions, and my friends protected me from the death that happened in our area.
I gracefully landed in front of his house and pulled my wings in. I heard silence, but it was the eerie kind. I snuck in an open window in the back. I went straight into a back room. I saw Aiden on the ground, He was curled up against a wall, head in his knees, sobbing.
“Aiden… Aiden…” I quietly walked over to the crying boy. I dropped to my knees and pulled him into a tight hug. “Shh. Shh. What’s wrong? Did your dad find out?”
“I-I-I’m s-s-so sorry… Autumn…”
“It’s alright. Aiden, I’m okay.”
“But… But Dad found… found out!”
“How bad did he hurt you?”
“I’m-I’m bleeding badly.”
“Where?!” I asked urgently.
“Autumn, don’t! I don’t-“
His body went limp.
“Aiden…!” I hissed. “Wake up! Please stay with me.”
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