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World Peace Needed (Title Will Change Later)

Chapter two

I laid him down realizing there was blood on me. I had to find the source of where it was coming from.
“Autumn,” Christina’s voice slid into my ears. “you are so lucky I’m here.”
I kept searching his body. It’s a lot harder to try to save someone’s life when you’re freaking out.
“Take off his shirt. It’s easier to find that way.”
I tore the shirt off his body. I found the source of his bleed, and I started crying on his wound. His wound stitched right up by itself. Another one of an angel’s powers is being able to heal others.
“So you want to tell me why you’re saving this lowly human boy?”
“He’s my friend,” I replied.
“Wow! Some friend!” she snapped.
“He didn’t have a choice!” I hissed.
“They all have choices! They choose to hurt us! They could choose to be peaceful like we are, but they don’t!”
“It’s complicated! His dad would have killed him if he didn’t attack me! His dad found out we’re friends and was furious!”
“You care about this boy, don’t you?”
“I care about all my friends.” I sighed. “Hell, I care about everyone.”
“You’ve protected Paul for a while. Maybe he should suffer the consequences, Twin.”
“Okay, Paul can suffer the penalty. Please don’t try to convince me Aiden should face the same fate. He’ll never do it again.”
Aiden groaned and sat up.
“How am I okay?”
“Autumn saved you.”
“Aut-Autumn, y-you didn’t h-have to. I-I’m a-already a-as good a-as dead.”
I was cut off by Christina. “She’s chosen to save you from the penalty.”
Aiden gasped. “Can-can you do that?”
“I always try,” I replied smiling warmly.
“Why would you protect m-me?”
“We’re friends, and you’re a good person. Sure you made a mistake, but we all do that.”
“But Dad gave me a fatal wound. I’m not going to make it much longer.”
Christina asked, “Why would your dad hurt you? You did what he wanted. You attacked my twin.”
“He knew I didn’t do much damage, and he found out I brought Autumn a gift and apologized to her. I-I felt so bad that she was in the hospital partly because of me.”
“Well, I’ll be okay,” I explained smiling. “And I healed you. You’re not hurt and anymore.” I paused. “Are you in pain still?”
Aiden stood up and stretched a bit. “I feel great!”
I smiled. “I’m glad.”
A horn honked outside.
“Kayden’s here to pick us. I called him a while ago.”
I got up to my feet.
“Can Aiden come with us?”
She sighed. “Yeah. We have to warn Mom and Dad though. Wait correction. You have to warn them.”
“I will. Aiden, quick, grab what you need. We have to go.”
Aiden grabbed his backpack. “I’m ready.”
I tried to take a few steps, but I nearly fell on my face. Aiden scooped me up and carried me out to the car. Kayden almost jumped out of the car before Christina shot him a look. Aiden adjusted me, so he could get the door. He slid me in, slung his backpack onto the floor, and climbed in. I yawned.
“Autumn, call Dad and warn him the creature is coming.”
“Just call Dad.”
I fished around in in my pocket to find my phone with five old messages; one from Jameson, two from Shalinee, and two from Kat. They were all friends from school. They were checking to see if I was alright. I sent them all messages saying I was alright, and I needed some rest. There was also a new message from Charity wanting to know why I lied to everything. She wanted to know who hurt me, and we’d talk about why I defended them.
I called up Dad. “Hey Dad?”
“You’re going back with the boy, aren’t you?”
“You willing to protect him to the fullest?”
“Yes, he made a mistake.”
“We’ll talk about the terms of what you’ll be doing to prove to us; first, this boy is worthy of your protection, and two, that this won’t happen to you again tomorrow night.”
“Okay thank you, sir.”
“Your mother and I went home for the night. She and I love you very much. And I don’t know where the boy plans on staying, but- Let me talk to him.”
“Please be nice.”
“I will be as respectful as I can, Autumn. His name’s Aiden, correct?”
“Yes, sir,” I replied. “Here he is.”
I handed Aiden the phone whispering, “It’s my dad.”
“Hello Mr. Knight… Yes, sir… You have my word, sir… I understand… Thank you… I’ll see you then… Have a good evening, sir…”
He hung up then gave my phone back.
“You okay, Aiden?”
“So where am I dropping off the boy?” Kayden asked looking directly at Aiden in the rearview mirror.
“Your father said I may stay with Autumn.”
“Wonderful. Just wonderful,” Kayden muttered as he pulled up in front of the hospital. Kayden spun around. “Help my sister to her room, make sure she’s alright, and I swear if you touch her in an inappropriate her protection cannot save you.”
“I fully understand. I won’t harm Autumn ever again.”
Christina turned around in her seat to send a death glare Aiden’s way. “You better not.”
“Can you walk back upstairs, Autumn, or do you need help?”
“I’ll carry her up,” Aiden offered scooping me up carefully.
“Get your shit outta my car and take good care of my sister.”
Aiden’s arms left me for a second as he slung his bag over his shoulder over his shoulder and opened the door. He climbed out, and I scooted toward the door prepared to walk. Aiden smiled at me softly and picked me up.
“Good night,” I said to my family. “Sweet dreams. I love you, guys.”
In unison they said, “Love you, too.” Then Christina added, “Sweet dreams.” and Kayden said, “Sleep well.”
Aiden carried me into the hospital where a nurse was waiting with a wheelchair.
“Autumn Knight, can I take you back up to your room?”
Aiden walked over to her and lowered me into the chair.
“Thank you,” he said.
She nodded then started wheeling me to the elevator.
“Autumn, it’s kind of heart-breaking seeing you here so often,” the nurse, Ms. Nicki, stated after a while. “Why do you get hurt so often?”
“I’m the nicest in my group of friends. I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Sadly, a lot know this and take advantage of it.” I looked up at Aiden. “Sorry, no offense.”
He muttered, “None taken.”
“Well, how is your school work doing? And your stories?”
“They’re awesome as usual. I’m doing really well in my classes, and I’m getting amazing reviews on my stories. On a few of the story ideas I turned into publishers I’m getting amazing feedback.”
I smiled even if she couldn’t see it.
“That sounds great, honey,” Ms. Nicki replied as she wheeled me into my room. Now honey, the doctor doesn’t want you to do any more strenuous activities until you’re feeling well enough to leave.
“And I suggest trying to keep your cool. We don’t want you to have a panic attack because you were stabbed pretty close to the heart. Its better you keep calm,” Ms. Nicki explained as her and Aiden helped me into the hospital bed.
Ms. Nicki hooked me up to a few machines and an IV drip before leaving the room.
Another nurse came to the door. “Ms. Knight, you have a visitor.”
Charity poked her head in. “Hey.”
“Hi, sorry I haven’t texted back yet. I’ve-“
“You put your life on the line for another stupid human. I’m getting sick of this shit. You protect them then they turn on you. I sometimes wonder why anyone chooses to be around you. You’re too much to handle.”
My heart rate spiked dangerously, and I tried to calm it. I took a deep breath causing it to slow back to its normal speed.
“If you feel that way then leave.”
“Autumn- I-“
“You can take your gift back. I’m sorry I mad you so mad. Trying to protect people is what I do. It’s who I am.”
“Autumn, please-“
“Leave, please.”
She left seeming dejected.
“Are you okay, Autumn?” Aiden asked worriedly.
I nodded sleepily.
“I was wondering if-“ I accidently yawned while Aiden was talking. “Never mind. Get some sleep. Sweet dreams.” He kissed my cheek. “Thank you.”
I smiled. “Sweet dreams…” I muttered as I fell asleep.
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