Remus Lupin and the Shrieking Shack

"Where are you going tonight?"

"What do you mean, Sirius? I told you, my aunt is ill. I'm going to St. Mungos," I said, averting my eyes from my friends.

"Look, Remus. We know your aunt isn't sick. Why won't you just say it?" James piped up, with an expression I couldn't quite place. It almost looked as if he was disappointed in me.

"James?" I said uncertainly. They couldn't have figured it out, they wouldn't be talking to me. They'd be disgusted, repulsed, even scared of me.

"We've known since third year," Sirius said. He seemed to be trying to hold back a smirk. I just stared at them, colour draining from my face. They've known all this time?

"And you're.. I mean, you don't... you're still.." I couldn't even speak a coherent sentence.

"Don't look so shocked, mate. Did you really think we'd leave you?"