My Tattooed Angel


Katie (Catlin) Bell has been Matt's best friend since Kindergarten. Matt started a band, and asked Katie, having a good experience with guitars, to be Avenged Sevenfold's guitar technition. Of course, Katie said yes, and has been with Avenged Sevenfold since the beginning. The band decides that they need a better sound so they hire Jimmy's close friend, Brian.
  1. New addition
    Matt tells me about Brian.
  2. Brian
    The new 5th member of Avenged Sevenfold.
  3. Katie's Dream
    A guitar solo made just for me.
  4. Discovery
    The Band Finds Out About Syn and I.
  5. Aye Aye Captin
    Returning Home has Never Been So Much Fun.
  6. Home Sweet Home
    I finally get to move in with Brian.
  7. Asleep or Dead?
    Brian get's himself into trouble.
  8. White Rooms and Stethoscopes
    I vist Brian, and bring him home
  9. First Time
    The Night...
  10. T.M.I
    I really didn't need to know what happened where Brian and I were sitting.
  11. Brian I, Brian II
    I meet Syn's dad.
  12. Approval
    Syn's dad likes me
  13. You brought me my bullets you brought me your love
    The story of why Zacky and I broke up.
  14. Wake-up call
    First Day of Filming Seize the Day.
  15. What they to guys like us in prison
    Day two of Seize the Day.
  16. Rock Out, just for the dead
    The third and final day of Seize the Day
  17. Missunderstood
    Everyone makes mistakes
  18. Ocean Blue
    Brian, the wonderful
  19. Quack
    One thing lead's to another...
  20. He's the Syn
    He's the my book
  21. Warmness On the Soul
    Matt proposes to Val
  22. Just like a tattoo, I'll always have you
    Brian does something really sweet
  23. Joey
    We get a new room mate
  24. U R MINE
    We bring Brian home to the bus
  25. Two for One
    Two awesome things happen in one day, imagine that.
  26. Wilderness
    Brian and I get lost...
  27. I'm so sick
    I get sick, but Brain comes to the rescue.
  28. Toasters and Tattoos
    Brian returns to recording
  29. Sombody to Love
    Working on the album, and partying after.
  30. Haner To Be
    Brian asks the question
  31. Good bye for now
    Matt and Val leave
  32. First Day
    My First show
  33. Them...
    We get new neighbors
  34. The War on Maple Street
    Anna and Albert are more difficult then we thought
  35. Gone?
    Trouble at Huntington Beach
  36. Kidnapped
    Matt tells me what happened
  37. Dear God
    Matt Writes a New Song
  38. Lost and Found
    The police find Val
  39. In a Heartbeat
    Brian - Katie time
  40. Girls Night In
    My last Day of Being Katie Bell
  41. Till death do us part
    The best twenty minutes of my life (So far)
  42. Par-ty
    After wedding party
  43. 24 Hours
    First Memory's of being a Haner
  44. Second Chance
    An old friend comes back into my life.
  45. Fedora-Phobia?
    Chance has a strange fear
  46. Don't Cha?
    No, I really don't
  47. Bad Day
    It gets better.
  48. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
    A bit of jealousy going on
  49. Just a little date
    Brian and his sweet mysterious ways
  50. Runaway
    Trouble at the stable
  51. Halo
    The most tears I've cried since high school
  52. Shhh. Be quiet, You Might Piss Somebody Off
    We return to the touring life...without Brian
  53. Letters from Brian
    A new way to keep in touch
  54. Deja Vu
    Zacky and I visit Chance
  55. There for you
    I visit Brian
  56. Letters from Brian Part 2
    More communication with Brian
  57. Safe and Sound
    An unexpected visitor
  58. Picture Perfect
    Brian forces me to the hospital.
  59. 'Reunion"
    A unwanted visior
  60. Ryan Started the Fire
    Chance gets in trouble
  61. 12 day's of Christmas
    Christmas...the Avenged Sevenfold way
  62. SuperSyn?
    Brian rides Chance...
  63. Nathan
    A new addition to the Haner family.
  64. Nathan part 2
    Getting to know our little baby
  65. The boys on TV
    I get bored at the hospital
  66. Home
    Fianlly, after a day in a hospital
  67. Oh Baby
    Our first real memory of Nathan
  68. Compre mi pollo
    More Nathan Memories
  69. My boys
    Nathan and Chance meet...
  70. Not feeling the Love?
    Brian and I bring Nathan on tour...yeah
  71. Card Games
    Who knew Cards would save the day?
  72. Trouble
    Zacky was a bad boy
  73. Worries
    Zacky's actions may catch up with him
  74. Open your Eyes
    The results
  75. Road Trip
    It's two years late...but who cares.
  76. I won't see you tonight
    An accident on the trail
  77. What if
    I face the concusion that Brian may be dead
  78. Lost and Found
    I find him
  79. In my arms again
    What happened
  80. The River
    Another stop on the trail.
  81. This is we call fun
    Condoms in a whole new way
  82. Should I Stay or Should I go now?
    A visitor...
  83. A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words
    It's true, and you know it
  84. Universal Love
    It's true...and I mean that.
  85. Lock and Load
  86. Another broken Road.
    I have to tell my parents about Jay...
  87. Hold me close as I speak my words
    I tell mom and dad
  88. Memory
    That's all that's left