Tale as Old as Time

Tale as old as time

Mary Annabelle Westfield was nothing more than your ordinary girl—she lived the simple life in a city controlled by a gang. She tried to stay out of their way, but things don't always go as planned. Her father owes them money, and when he goes missing and she finds out they've taken him, she goes to help him, despite his dealings with the group. She doesn't want anyone's help, not even the man who is after her hand—she wants to deal with this on her own, even if that means giving herself up for her father.

Shadows, or Matt, as known by his close friends was somewhat inwardly dazzled by the sweet looking girl that showed up on his doorstep demanding for her father. He'll let the man go, under the condition that she stays—then he'll consider clearing the debt her father owed. Though he's intrigued by her, he's not about to show any resentment or slack towards her being within his house—until he finds the cold hard walls he's built breaking at the dark haired beauty that he can't seem to stay away from.

Beauty and the Beast

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- This story was inspired by the movie, Beauty and the Beast.
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