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This Broken Place.

We’re wasting time

It had been two days since lunch with my parents when and we were leaving for California in three days.
Kennedy was acting really strange about the whole going to California thing. I had no clue why he was acting this way.
I was starting to think that me and Kennedy's relationship was nothing but confusing.
We were both sitting on the couch. I was watching TV, and Kennedy was messing with his guitar and humming something.
"Kennedy what are you humming?"
I he looked up at me with his hazel eyes for a moment blinking a few times before he finally spoke.
"I'm just messing around its nothing."
"Kennedy are we ok?" I asked.
"Why wouldn't we be ok?" He asked looking up from his guitar again.
"Because you've been acting really weird since my parents asked us to go to California."
"I haven't been acting any different."
"Yeah Kennedy you've been distancing yourself from me it seems like."
"Jane you're crazy I've been acting normal." He said annoyed. Something about him calling me crazy really annoyed me.
"Really Kennedy I'm crazy? I have live everyday of my life since I woke up from that coma feeling completely and stupid."
"I didn't mean it that way." He said reaching for my hand.
"Well I feel like shit Kennedy. I hate feeling lost and not remembering anything. I know your trying, and you're being patient but I need to know what's going on."
"Jane its nothing." He said hold my hand.
"Quit lying I know something’s wrong." I said as tears started welling up in my eyes. I was tying my hardest not to cry.
"Fine you want to know what's wrong." He said annoyed again.
"Yes." I pleaded.
"Ok I don't want to go to California, because I don't want you to see Lucas. I don't trust him with you. I also really don't want you to get your memory back from when you were with him." As soon as he said that I pulled my hand away from his. It hurt me that he didn't want me to get part of my memory back.
"That's no fair Kennedy. I deserve to have my memory." I said as a tear slid down my cheek.
"I know you do it just..." He didn't even finish his sentence he just went quite.
"Whatever Kennedy." I said standing up and walking towards our room.
Got half way down the hall when I heard him put his guitar down and start walking towards our room.
"What do you want me to say?" He asked the second he enter our room.
"I don't, but I want you to understand it’s not fair to me to have parts of memory cut out. I deserve to remember everything."
"I know you do. I just don't trust Lucas."
"But you trust me, don't you?"
"You don't remember anything so he could tell you lie about you and him." He said trying to change the subject.
"Kennedy answers the question do you trust me?" I said with more tears falling down my cheeks.
"I don't know." I was angered by the fact he didn't trust me.
"Fuck you Kennedy." I said turning to my dresser any pulling out clothes and throwing them on my bed.
He stood in the door way in complete shock watching me pack up my clothes.
"What are doing?" He asked sounding like he was going to cry.
"I'm pack up my stuff and moving in with my parents."
"Because if you can't trust me, and you don't want me to remember certain things it best if we aren't together." I said as I zipped up my suitcase.
"No you can't leave." He said blocking the doorway.
"Damn it, move Kennedy."
"No." Was all he could say as tears fell from his cheeks.
"Please." I said as I started to sob.
"Jane I love you, you can't leave me."
"Kennedy it’s obvious this relationship is going to work out. Its best if you let me leave."
"Jane I love you, I've stuck by you. You can't do this to me." He said still crying.
"Kennedy just fucking move." I said sobbing pushing against his chest.
He finally moved and I walked down the hallway sobbing.
I watched her grab keys off the kitchen table and walk out the front door suitcase in hand.
"FUCK!" I shouted as I fell against the wall behind me.
I couldn't believe I just let her walk out of my life.
The worst part of it all was I needed to give her a day before I tried to work things out with her.
I wiped the tear or my cheeks and felt like the big asshole in the whole world for everything that had just happened.
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Chapter title Count'em one, two, three
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