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This Broken Place.

Well I messed up, I shouldn't drive tonight

I walked out to my car with tears burning my eyes. I need to get away from this house as fast as possible.
I threw my suitcase in the back seat and got in the car as fast as possible. I didn't want Kennedy to come outside and try to stop me from leaving.
I drove up to my parent’s house and grabbed my suitcase and walked towards the front door. I took a deep breathe before ringing the doorbell.
"Jane is everything ok?" My mom said pulling me into a hug.
"No mom." I said as I started to sob.
"Oh honey what happened?" She grabbed my hand a walked me toward the living room couch.
"Me and Kennedy had a huge fight and we broke up."
"Oh sweetheart, everything’s ok. You'll get back together." She said wrapping her arms around me.
"No mom that's the thing we really shouldn't be together."
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. He needs to stop wasting his time on me."
"Honey, he doesn't feel like he's wasting his time on you."
"Mom can I move back home?"
"Of course, your room is exactly the way you left it."
"Thank you."
I sat on my bed staring at the pictures that sat on my dresser. They were of me and Kennedy from over the years.
I grabbed one off my dresser that me and Kennedy looked like we were about seven on Halloween. I couldn't help but smile at how cute we looked.
"You and John were too cute back then." My dad said standing in my door way.
"Whose John isn't this Kennedy?" I asked confused.
"Kennedy was born John Trotter. He changed his name when he was eighteen."
"Why did he change his name?"
"Has a lot to do with dad drama."
"Oh." I said placing the picture back on my dresser.
"Honey what's going with you and Kennedy?" He asked sitting down on my desk chair.
"We broke up."
"Why did you guys break up?"
"Kennedy needs to stop wasting his time on me."
"How do you figure he's wasting his time on you?"
"Dad he wants me to get my memory so bad and it’s not happening. So we both need to just move on."
"Honey I highly doubt that he thinks he's wasting his time on you."
"I don't know dad. Our whole relationship is starting to become nothing stressful. I just think its best if we end it."
"Ok sweetheart." He said walking over and kissing my forehead before leaving my room.
Since I left Kennedy I have felt nothing but empty on the inside. I missed him so much already but this is for the best.
I sat on the couch holding a beer staring at the blank TV. The house was silent.
I thought I fucked up before when I was sixteen when Jane left. There's a good chance I messed up even worse. She could be gone for good this time.
I took a huge gulp of beer and closed my eyes thinking back to the fight. I just felt like shit every time I saw her walking again from me.
I heard the doorbell ring and it snapped me out of my thoughts.
I stumbled to the front door already feeling the effects of the four beers I had already drank.
I opened the door to find John, and Garrett standing on the other side.
"Hey guys." I slightly slurred.
"Ken how much have you had to drink?" John asked as he followed me into the living room.
"This is beer number five." I said before taking a drink of it.
"Is there a reason you're drink alone?" Garrett asked sitting down on the couch.
"Yeah." I said as I sat next to him.
"Where's Jane?" John asked.
"She's gone." I said taking another drink.
"What do you mean she's gone?" John asked confused.
"I mean we got in a fight, she broke up with me, and packed up her stuff and left."
"What the hell did you two fight about? You guys never fight?"
"I don't even know, I just don't want to talk about it. I just want Jane back."
"How are you going to get her back?" He asked. I stared at him not knowing how to answer him, because honestly I have no clue how I'm going to get her back.
"I don't know. I think I might have lost her for good."
"You didn't lose her for good, you guy just need to talk it out." Garrett said trying to make me feel better.
"I don't know. I need to give her some space right now."
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Chapter title is from I'm Sorry
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