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This Broken Place.

Don't you dare, don't you ever give up

"John Franklin Trotter what are you doing?" Jane asked me from her bedroom window. I was in the middle sneaking out my bedroom to get her so we could go to Stephen's party.
"I was going to go get you, but since we're talking now you should meet me outside in like five minutes." I said walking towards my backyard.
"Ok I'll meet you outside, but can I ask where we are going?"
"We're going to Stephen's house for a party."
I managed to get off my roof with no problem and head out to my car. I had had my license for about two months. I don’t know why I decided to sneak out, I’m pretty sure my mom would have let me go to Stephen’s house.
“I decided to take the easy route and sneak out the front door.” She said giving me a smile.
“Are your parents even home?” I asked noticing that there were no cars in the drive way other then hers.
“Nope they’re at my grandparent’s house this weekend. I’m home alone all weekend.”
“Then you didn’t really sneak out.” I asked shaking my head and walking over to drivers side of my car.
“I guess I didn’t.” She laughed.

“Hey Ken what are you looking at?” Garrett said walking over to sit on the couch next to me.
“It’s a picture of Jane and I, about a week before our huge fight. We were at one of Stephen’s parties.” I said putting the picture frame down, and taking a swig of my beer. Jane had been gone only a day and I felt like a complete wreck. I felt like it was high school all over again.
“Have you tried talking to her?” He asked me.
“No I’m trying to give her space.”
“Don’t you think you should try to talk to her before she leaves for California tomorrow?” He said it like it was the must obvious thing in the whole wide world.
“Should I go now?”
“Yeah you should go now.”
I got up and went straight to my car. I swear it was the longest ride ever to the Dylan’s house. The whole drive over there I was trying to think of what I was going to say to Jane to get her back.
I parked the car and walked up the all too familiar pathway to the front door. I took a deep breath before I knocked on the door.
“Hello Kennedy.” Mrs. Dylan said answering the door.
“I need to talk to Jane.”
“I know come in sweetheart.” She said motioning for me to come inside.
“She’s in her room.”
“Ok.” I said walking towards the stairs. I walked up the familiar stairs and walked towards her door. I have never this nervous in my whole life. I felt literally I had everything thing to lose. I knocked on the door and waited Jane to answer. About thirty seconds later a puffy eyed Jane answered the door. I could tell she had been crying.
“Hi.” I said waving awkwardly. I wanted nothing more then to grab her and pull her into a hug. She just stared at me blankly not saying anything; she just walked over and sat on the edge of her bed.
“I’m so sorry for every thing.” I said sitting next to her.
She was still silent.
“I was completely in the wrong for not wanting you to remember anything. I love you and I want you to come home with me.” I said as I reached for her hand. The second my skin made contact with hers she pulled her hand away.
“We can’t be together.”
“Because Kennedy, I’m not the girl you fell in love with, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be that girl you fell in love with.”
“Jane I’m in love with you.”
“No you’re in love with who I used to be.” She said sitting up. I saw that there were tears welling up that she was about to cry. I hated to see her cry.
“Jane I’m going to make you fall in love with me.”
“Kennedy I want to love you so much.”
“Then move back home with me.” I said
“You don’t get it we can’t be together right now. I need time to try to figure things out and get my memory back.”
“I’ll wait for you.” I said grabbing her hand and staring into her eyes.
“Don’t.” It felt like she ripped my heart out with on simple word. I felt tears starting to well up at the fact she didn’t want to be with me, and she pretty much wanted me to stop bugging her.
“I can’t stop.” Were the last words I said to her before I walked out the door. I felt completely numb walking through the house. I was trying my hardest to fight back the tears that were trying so hard to escape my eyes.
I got in the car and drove straight home. I hoped that Garrett was still there. I needed somebody to talk to. I felt relieved when I saw Garrett’s car out front.
I walked inside to find him watching ‘How Its Made’.
“So how did it go?” He asked with his eyes still locked on the TV.
“Lets see she told me pretty much to leave her alone.” I said as I walked into the kitchen to grab myself a beer. I needed something to make me feel better.
“Are you going to leave her alone?”
“Hell no. I’m going to get my Jane back.”
The second he walked out the door I felt the tears start to pour down my cheeks. I just laid down on my bed holding my eyes closed. I felt like everything in my life had fallen part.
I hoped Kennedy realized I need time to figure everything and hopefully get my memory back. I hated that he wasting his time on me hoping he would get his old Jane back. He needed to just stop.
“So what happened?” My mom asked walking into my bedroom.
“Um I told him to stop wasting his time on me and that we can’t be together.”
“Did that make you feel any better?” She asked sitting next to me.
“No mom it didn’t.” I said as I started to sob. She wasted no time wrapping her arms around me and holding me close.
“Honey everything’s going to work out.”
“I really hope so, because I’m sick and tired of feeling lost.” I said as tears continued to stream down my cheeks.
“Honey only you can find yourself.” My mom said pulling me into her arms.
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