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This Broken Place.

Cause there's still so much I don't know

The whole way to California I listened to my iPod. I thought maybe listening to my old favorite music for six hours might trigger my memory.
After six hours nothing, nothing whatsoever. I listened to too many songs to count and I’m in the same boat I started in. I was sick of feeling pissed off at myself nonstop.
“How are you feeling?” My mom asked turning around to look at me in the back seat. “Sad, but hey what’s new?” I said giving her a very small smile. “Honey things are going to get better.”
“They’ll get better when I get my memory back.” I said as we pulled in front of a house. “Hey stay positive.” She said as she opened the door.
I walked up what felt like a familiar pathway with my mom and dad. My dad knocked on the door and we waited for my aunt to answer the door. “Are you okay?” My dad asked rubbing my back. “Yeah I’m fine.” I said. “Are you sure you’re fine?” He asked right before the door opened.
“Hey guys.” A lady who I assume was my aunt said as she opened the front door. “Oh Jane I’ve missed you.” She said pulling me into a hug.
I was silent. I wasn’t sure what to say, because I really didn’t know who this woman was. I knew she was my Aunt Linda, and my mom had told me she was her sister and that I moved here when I was seventeen after my fight with Kennedy. Other then what my mom had told me this women was a stranger.
“Jane would you like me to show you your old room?” She asked me giving me a kind smile.
“I would love that.”
We walked across the hardwood floor towards a set of stairs that were by the kitchen. We climbed the stairs and walk down the hall and passed two doors before she opened a door. “Here it is sweetheart.” She smiled. “Thank you.”
I walked into what used to be my bedroom and smiled at the fact the room was painted a pretty light blue. I walked over to my dresser and saw pictures of me and a girl with blonde hair and there were pictures of me and a guy who looked like could be the girl’s brother. The pictures with me and him we of him kissing me and him hugging me. I could only assume that was Lucas, the guy Kennedy didn’t want me to see again.
“You know I always knew my brother was stupid, but I never took him as a cheater.” I heard a voice say behind me. I turned around to see the blonde girl from the picture.
“I’m sorry I have no clue who you are or who your brother is.” I said as she gave me a confused look.
“So you still don’t have your memory back?”
“No I don’t. I’m sorry to be rude, but who are you?”
“You’re not being rude. I’m Charlotte we were best friends the whole time you lived here and that guy in the picture you’re holding is your ex boyfriend Lucas. He’s also my older brother.” She said as she pointed to the picture. “I’m sorry but I have no clue what to say to you.”
“It’s totally fine this is all so strange.” I could understand why I was friends with her before my accident. She was a really sweet girl I could tell by what little I talked to her. “Since I don’t remember anything how have you been since high school?”
“Well since you moved I got married to my long time boyfriend Jason, and I’ve been living the married life.” She smiled.
“Is it possible I could talk to you brother?” I asked only because I wondered if seeing him again would trigger something in my memory.
“Of course. Would you like me to drive you to his house?”
“Yes please.” I smiled as I walked over to the dresser and grabbed the picture of me and him.
We walked downstairs and I walked into the living room to tell my parents that I was going out with Charlotte. I decided not to tell them that I was going to see Lucas. I didn’t want them to tell me it was a bad idea.
“Do you want to see him to see if he will trigger your memory?” She asked as she started the car. “Honestly yes. I’ve been living in the dark to long. I need to try to trigger my memory in any way possible.”
“Are you still with Kennedy?”
“Not really. I broke up with him.”
“Why did you break up with him?” She asked me like I was crazy.
“I felt like he was wasting his time on me.”
“Honey I highly doubt he felt like he was wasting his time on you.”
“That’s what everyone keeps telling me, but I felt like it was for the best.” I said as she parked in front of a one story house.
“We’re here.” She said turning the car off.
“Has he always lived here?”
“No we used to live four houses down from your Aunts when we both lived at home.” She said as we both got out of the car.
We walked up a path and Charlotte knocked on the door. For some reason my heart started racing as I heard foot steps approaching the front door. “Char what are you..." He said with his eyes wide. ”Oh my god Jane you’re okay?” He said wrapping his arms around me pulling close. “Yeah but no.”
“I’m going to leave you guys alone to catch up. Lucas can you please bring her back to her aunts when you guys are done talking?”
“Yeah of course.”
“Jane what do you me yeah but no?” He asked as he walked towards the couch. “I mean I’m not hurt, but I have no memory.”
“So you remember nothing about our relationship?” He asked giving me a sadden look as I sat down next to him on the couch. “All I know is you cheated on me and that’s because I was told that.”
“Of course that was the only thing you were told.”
“I also know that we were in love, and that you were my first love.” I smiled hoping to make him feel better.
“You were also my first love.”
“I was?”
“Yeah and I still love you.”
“I’m sorry to say I don’t still love you.” I said as tears welled up in my eyes. I was feeling really confused while talking to him.
“I know you love Kennedy.”
“I don’t know how I feel about anyone. I want to love Kennedy so much again.”
“You feel lost, but when it all comes back you’ll realize you love Kennedy again.” He said slowly pushing a piece of loose hair behind my ear.
“Is it possible you could tell me what was happening when we took these pictures?” I asked holding up one of him hugging me on the beach.
“This picture was taken on your eighteenth birthday. Us and about twenty other people had a bon fire on the beach behind your aunts house.”
“So if I was eighteen you were how old?”
“I was nineteen.”
“I wish I could remember this.”
“So do I but things happen for a reason.” He said giving me a hopeful smile.
“I would love to know why this happened.”
We talked for a few hours about high school for me and our relationship. He also told me about his regrets, and how he wishes he was smart enough back then to realize how good he had it. He told me that I should be with Kennedy that he is a good guy. As we drove home he told me about my old favorite music and how I used to love singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs.
“You know if you ever need to talk about anything I’m here for you?”
“I know, and thank you.” I said as he pulled me into a hug.
I walked inside to find my mom and Aunt Linda sitting the kitchen table for dinner. “Honey where did you go with Charlotte?” My mom asked me.
“She took me to see Lucas.” I said looking at the ground.
“What did you two talk about?” My aunt asked.
“We talked about high school and our relationship. He told me even though he would love to be with me again that I should be with Kennedy.”
“Well he’s right you should be with Kennedy.” My mom said.
“Mom I have no memory I shouldn’t be with anyone right now.”
“Okay sweetheart.”
“I’m going to go lie down till dinners ready.” I said before I head upstairs. I walked into my room and grabbed my cell phone and laid down on my bed. I looked at my phone to see that I had two texts. One from Kennedy and one from Charlotte.
Kennedy Brock (mobile)
Can you please just let me know you’re okay?

I stared at his phone not really sure what to say back to him. I knew I needed to text him back I just had no clue. I wanted to be so bad with him, but I felt like it was unfair to him that I remember nothing.
I’m okay. I’m at my Aunts house and safe.
I hoped that was enough for him.
I opened the other text from Charlotte and quickly read it.
Charlotte Peterson (mobile)
How did things go with Lucas?

I quickly texted her back telling her things went good, but it didn’t trigger my memory I just knew what he told me.
“Knock knock.” My dad said standing in my doorway. “Come in.” I smiled. “So your mom told me you went and saw Lucas.” He said walking towards the edge of the bed.
“Yeah I did.” I said biting my bottom lip. I wasn’t sure if he was mad I saw him or okay with it. “Did he trigger anything in your memory?”
“Unfortunately no, but he did tell me a lot about my high school experience here, and also about our relationship.”
“Well that’s a good thing.”
“Yeah it is. He told me I need to be with Kennedy.”
“He’s right you should be.”
“That’s what everyone keeps telling me.”
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