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This Broken Place.

Cause there's still so much that she don't know

I woke to the sickening feeling of being alone again. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes before I grabbed my phone off my dresser to see if I had a text from Jane. I looked and sighed when I saw nothing.
Threw some clothes on so I could just get out of the house. I didn’t feel like being here today. Walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and headed out to the car. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go but I was going somewhere.
For some reason I drove to Jared’s house. I walked up the path and knocked on his front door. “Hey Kennedy what are you doing here?” He said opening the door.
“Couldn’t stand being home anymore.”
“Why?” He asked as we walked towards the living room couch.
“I can’t stand how silent the house is and how empty it feels.” I said as I ran my fingers through my hair as I sat down.
“Have you talked to her since she left?” He asked sitting down next to me.
“Nope, I’ve tried calling her but it always goes straight to voicemail.”
“Do you know where she’s staying in California?” He asked while flipping through TV channels.
“Yeah she’s at her aunt’s house with is by Charlotte’s house.
“Then why don’t you go to California and talk to her?” Jared asked me like I already should have done it.
“Because she asked me to give her space.”
“Kennedy you let her go to California and she’s been there a week that’s plenty of space. Go get her.” Jared said standing up.
“I can’t go alone.”
“I would go but Tessa is coming home from her parent’s house tonight.”
“I’m going to call Garrett and John and ask them to go.” I said walking towards the front door.
I got into my car and dialed Garrett’s number first. It rang about four times before he picked up. “Hey Kennedy what’s up.”
“I need you to pack a backpack we’re going to California.” I said as I started the car.
“Why are we going to California?” He asked.
“I’m going to get Jane back and I’m not going alone.” I said as I drove towards John’s house.
“Okay I’ll start packing. Is it just going to be the two of us?”
“I’m going to have John go to.”
“Okay. How long are we going to be gone?”
“A max of a week.” I said as I put my phone on speaker phone.
“Okay I’m packing my duffle bag then.” I heard him say while rummaging through something.
“Okay I’m going to let you go be ready in an hour I’ll be by to pick you up.”
“Okay I’ll see you in an hour.”
I drove for another ten minutes when I finally got to John’s house. I knocked on the door and Mrs. O’Callaghan.
“Hi Jenny.” I said as she opened the front door.
“Oh hi Kennedy, what are you here for?” She said as we walked towards the stairs.
“I need to talk to John. I’m going to ask him to go to California with me to go get Jane back.”
“I wish you guys luck.” Jenny said pulling me into a hug.
“Thank you.” I said before I walked up the stairs towards John’s room.
I knocked on the door and waited for John to answer. “Hey Ken.”
“Start packing we’re going to California.” I said walking over to his closet and pulling his duffle bag out of the bottom of his closet.
“What?” He said sitting on his bed with a confused look on his face.
“Me, you, and Garrett are going to California to get Jane back.” I said as I started pulling shirts out of his dresser. He didn’t say anything else he just help me pack him for our trip.
“Okay you’re packed we have to go to my house and pack me then pick Garrett up.” I said walking out into the hallway.
“Let’s do this.” He said clapping his hands together as we walked down the stairs.
John walked into the kitchen where his mom and dad where cooking dinner. “Well I guess I’m off.” John said pulling his mom into a hug, while I leaned against door frame.
“Thanks for letting me steal him.” I said.
“No problem.” Jay said.
John and I got into my car and drove to my house so I could quickly pack then go pick Garrett off and take off to California. When we got to my house I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off packing. I pack what I thought was necessary. John helped by getting my tooth brush and tooth paste from the bathroom.
“Let’s get Garrett.” I said walking towards the front door.
John texted Garrett and told him to be waiting outside for us. The second Garrett was in the car we head for California.
“So what’s the plan are we kidnapping Jane, or are you going to sit her down and beg her to come home with us.” Garrett asked from the backseat.
“I’m not kidnapping her.” I said rolling his eyes.
“Then option two it is.” He said laughing lightly.
The whole car ride to California consisted to us listening to music and talking about random things.
When we got to Pismo Beach it was about nine o’clock at night. “I really hope her parents let me talk to her.” I said getting out of the car.
‘We’ll cross our fingers for you.” Garrett said giving me a hopeful smile.
“Good luck.” John said before I shut the passenger door,
I walked up the path and took a deep breath before knocking on the front door. I wasn’t quite sure who I wanted to open the front other then I really didn’t want it to be Jane. I was scared if it was her she would slam the door on my face.
“Kennedy what are you doing here?” Mrs. Dylan asked as she opened the front door.
“I’m here to get Jane back.” I said giving her a hopeful look.
“Thank God. She’s up stairs, second room to the right.” She said signaling for me to walk inside.
I walked up the stairs and stared at the door Mrs. Dylan said was Jane’s. I bit my lip before knocking on the door. “Come in.” She shouted. She probably thought it was her mom or something.
“What are you doing here?” She asked when I walked inside.
“I came here to talk to you.” I said walking over to her bed where she was sitting with her a book in her hand. “This room looks like it would totally be yours.” I said looking around at room.
“Why do you say that?” She asked sitting down the book on the nightstand.
“Well first of all the walls are all painted you favorite color light blue. Second of all you have a bookshelf with all your favorite books.” I smiled sitting down next to her on her bed.
“Which one is my favorite book?” She asked.
“This one right here.” I said pulling out the Great Gatsby and handing it to her.
“This is my favorite book.” She said opening it up and flipping through the pages.
“Yeah we read in high school, and you used to tell me that it was the most beautiful tragic love story out there.”
“Kennedy what do you want to talk about?” She asked closing the book.
“I want to tell you that I don’t care if you have your memory. I love this you and the old you and I’m welling to take whichever I can get.” I said placing my hand on top of hers.
“Kennedy can you really love me know that I might not ever get my memory back?” She asked standing up.
Jane I already do love you.” I said before crashing my lips into hers. She was unresponsive for a moment trying to figure out what was happening. Then she started moving her lips in sync with mine.
I was shocked when she pulled away and pushed the hem of my shirt up signaling for me to help her take it off. I took it off as quickly as possible as she took her shirt off as well. As soon as we both had our shirts off I attached my lips to her neck. “I miss the taste of your skin.” I said against the side of her neck.
As I continued to kiss up her neck and along her jaw line I felt her fingers grace across my stomach. I wasn’t sure what she was doing until I felt her tug on my belt.
“Are you sure you want to do this.” I said pulling away.
“I’m positive.” She said smiling before pressing her lips to mine.
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Chapter title from Time.
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