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This Broken Place.

But nobody is to blame

It was the day we were going to go record are album for the next two weeks. I agreed I would go, but I was going to drive home at least once to check on Jane.
Garrett showed up at my apartment at 6:30 in the morning. John was going to come over and pick us up at seven.
I was still packing the last of my thing when Garrett rang the door bell.
"Hey Garrett." I said walking to mine and Jane's room.
"Hey." Garrett followed me.
"You’re still not packed." I wasn't sure if he was asking me this or he was stating this.
"Nope, I've been busy."
"Yeah I've noticed."
"I'm going to go make some coffee." Garrett said walking towards the kitchen.
"How much sleep did you get last night?" Garrett asked as I walked into the kitchen.
"I think three hours." I said pouring myself a cup of coffee.
"You only slept three hours?" Garrett asked me shocked.
"Yeah I honest don't sleep that much."
"Because I can't sleep with all the guilt I have." I said taking a drink of my coffee.
"Kennedy you shouldn't feel guilty. Its no ones fault what happen to Jane."
"Garrett it's my fault I was mad at her and wouldn't let her hang up the phone."
"Kennedy you need to stop blaming yourself."
"I can't." It was then my phone started vibrating and John's name was on the screen.
"Yeah John?"
"I'm here come outside."
"Ok." I hung up the phone and put it in my pocket.
"Come on Garrett Johns outside."
"Ok." Garrett said picking up his suitcase.
I grabbed my suitcase and headed towards the front door. Garrett walked out and I locked the door behind us.
When we got in to the van Pat, John, and Jared were waiting for us.
"Hey guys ready to go." John said to us turning around and smiling.
"Yeah let's get going." I said buckling up.
I really wanted to go make the new record don't get me wrong. I just feel guility for leaving Jane alone.
After we had been driving for about twenty minutes, John was singing along to the radio. Pat was messing with his laptop, Jared was texting and Garrett was staring out the window. I sat there blankly staring out the window. I am completely lost in my thoughts. I can't help but wonder if Jane is ok. If she has made any progress.
"Earth to Kennedy." Jared said waving his hand in front of my face.
"Yeah, what?" I said snapping out of it.
"What are you thinking about?" Jared asked me.
"I highly doubt nothing."
"I was wondering if anything has changed with Jane."
"I know everyone else has told you this and you don't believe them, but its not your fault what happened."
"I can't help but blame myself."
"I know but its not your fault."
"It is. If we hadn't been fighting she wouldn't have crashed, and I also didn't tell her I loved her."
"Kennedy she still would have crashed."
"You don't know that."

When we arrived at where we'd be recording all of us got out of the van and headed inside.
The place was a barn house that had a recording studio in it.
We all grabbed our bags and headed inside.
Once inside we went to our rooms we are staying in. Me and John are sharing a room.
"Hey Kennedy which bed do you want?"
"I'll take the one by the window." I said walking over and sitting my duffel bag on it.
"Ok sounds good to me." John said walking over to his bed.
"I'm starving." John said sitting on his bed.
"Yeah I am too."
"I think we should get the rest the guys and maybe cook something." John said standing up.
"Yeah sounds good to me."
We both stood up and went and knocked on Pat and Garrett's door.
"Hey let's go try to figure out something to eat." John said.
"Ok." They both said smiling and walking into the hallway.
We went and grabbed Jared and Tim. We all headed into the kitchen and looked around to try to find something to eat.
Then we decided they could make barbeque chicken. We all had different jobs. John grilled the chicken. Jared prepared it. Garrett and Pat made the sides, and Tim and I set the table.
I had time while the food was cooking so I went into my room and decide I was going to call Drew and ask how Jane is doing. I sat on my bed and dialed Drew's number.
"Hello." Drew said.
"Hi Drew. How is Jane doing today?"
"The same as yesterday."
"Kennedy do me a favor and enjoy your time while you're making your album."
"I'm going to try."
"Ok thank you."
When I finished talking to Jane's dad I head down stairs to find that dinner was ready.
When I sat down Tim looked over at me. "Any news on Jane?" Tim said giving me a smile.
"Nope she's the same as yesterday."
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Chapter Title: Book Of Me And You
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