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This Broken Place.

Relax forget your problems tonight

We had been recording our new album for three days. I saw the date on my phone.
Today was the day me and Jane had planned to get married.
I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. I had no desire to get out of bed today. I feel like I wish I could spend all my time sleeping.
When I was asleep I was dreaming. When I dreamed it was about me and Jane being happy. She wasn't in a coma. She is happy and healthy. Waking up every morning is a rude awakening.
"Hey Ken we need you to record Inside You." Pat said poking his head into the room.
"Ok." I said
I got up and dragged myself downstairs.
Music is the only thing keeping me alive right now. I'm not suicidal. It’s just if the guys didn't have me doing music related stuff all the time I would be laying in bed not getting up. Only leaving to go see Jane.
When I finished recording it was time for dinner.
I was sitting there quietly eating, not really listening to anyone. I was in my own little world.
"Kennedy." Tim said waving his hand in front of my face.
"Yeah." I said snapping out of it.
"Were talking about the tour." Pat said.
"I'm not going on tour." I said bluntly.
"Are you serious?" John said shocked.
"Yeah I can't leave Jane for that long."
"Kennedy this is insane. We need you." John said.
"Take Trey on tour. He's covered for me before."
"Not the point. The fans are not going to understand."
"I'll put out a statement and everything if you want. I can't leave that long." I couldn't understand why John was acting like this.
"I'm ok with him not going on tour." Garrett said out of no where.
"Yeah me too." Pat said.
"Jared." I said looking at him.
"Do whatever you think is best and I'll support it."
"Ok so Trey's going to play for me on this tour. I'll post a statement on why I'm not going."
"Ok." John said taking a drink of his beer.
As soon as dinner was over I went upstairs and typed out my statement.
I am sad to say do to my fiancé Jane being ill I will not being going on this tour. I am truly sorry I am not going, but I feel in my heart I am making the best decision possible. I hope you all except my decision, on why I will not be on this tour. If you don't except this please understand why I have made this choice. In no means does this mean I am quitting The Maine. It just means I’m skipping this tour. Please make Garrett's brother Trey feel like he is one of the boys, since he is going to be filling in for me.
Love, Kennedy

I posted it my tumblr and on
I walked downstairs where all the guys were still hanging out in the kitchen.
"I posted my statement on my tumblr and on our website. If you guys could reblog my statement that would be nice". I said as I was grabbing a beer out of the fridge.
"Yeah for sure." Jared said.
"Yeah will all do it." Pat said.
Before I even took a drink of my beer I turned at looked at John.
"Do we have anything else to drink?"
"We have whiskey."
"Yeah get me some of that." John didn't respond he just turned around and pulled a bottle of Jack Daniels out of the cupboard.
I reached in the fridge and pulled out a coke.
"What are you drinking for?" Garrett asked walking over to stand next to John.
"I'm drinking to feel happy." I said pouring a mixture of Jack and Coke into a cup.

I drank enough were I could call myself drunk.
I was sitting on the couch feeling good for once.
I sat there just watching the guys walk around and talk. Pat walked over and sat next to me.
"Hey Kenny. How are you feeling?"
"Good for once." I said taking another drink.
"Is this going to be an often thing."
"What?" I had no clue what he was talking about.
"You getting drunk." He said giving me a concerned look.
"No I just need to forget right now."
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Chapter Title: Free
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