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This Broken Place.

I still remember how your lips taste

We finished recording and we were driving home. John said he would drop me off first at my apartment.
"You know if at any point you want to join us on the tour you can." Pat said sitting next to me in the van.
"Thanks. But I can promise you I'm going to."

As soon as John dropped me off I went to my room put my suitcase on the bed. I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth real quick.
I then head out to my car. As I was driving in silence I decided I could take it any more I need music. I plugged my iPod in and pressed shuffle.
The first song that played was "Why Oh Why" by Brighten came on.
I couldn't believe it. That was going to be me and Jane's first song we danced to when we got married.
For some reason I couldn't bring myself to change. I let it play as I kept driving.
"Kennedy what song are we going to use as our first dance?" Jane asked sitting on the floor in the living room. There where a bunch of papers all around her. They were all paper related to our wedding.
She decided she was going to plan as much of it on her own as possible.
"I don't know. What type of song do you want to use?" I asked sitting on the couch.
"Why don't we use a song from one of the bands we know?" She asked.
"That sounds like a great idea." I said smiling. I went into our bedroom and grabbed my iPod.
"So do you have idea of who you want to use?" I asked sitting back on the couch.
"I really like Brighten." She said looking up at me with her messy hair in her face.
Even with her hair messy I still found her to be complete beautiful.
"Yeah so do I." Before I could say any more Jane jumped in.
"How about Why Oh Why? I love that song." She said messing with her hair.
"Sounds perfect to me." I walked over to the iPod speakers on the bookcase. I plugged my iPod in and hit play on "Why Oh Why." Jane looked up and smiled at me.
"Jane may I have this dance?" I asked smiling.
"Yes you may." She stood up and walked over to me.
We started swaying back and forth. Her head on my chest.
As Justin started singing I sang along whispering in her ear. "She sees blue and red on the crown she wears upon her head. I love you he said, her husband she recently wed. She dreams this while she's wide awake"
"I wish we could live in this moment forever." Jane looked up and said to me as the song went on.
"I know me too. I love you Jane."
"I love you too." She said smiling and lying her head back on my chest.
I continued to sing along. "And if you could make this happen, i would not be surprised. Make life what I’m dreaming, all in just one night. Then why oh why can't i?
Golden yellow skies, an image of her in my eye. Growing trees and firefly's,
And answers to the question "why?" people twice my size, and all the times for second tries. We heard you on the radio, oh it feels so good just to let go. If you could make the oceans, and live above the skies, wake the sun for morning and light the moon at night.
Then why of why can't i?"

I was finally at the hospital. I walked straight to Jane's room where her parents were.
"Any change?" I asked as I walked into the room.
"No sorry Kennedy."
"Ok." Drew and Lily stood up.
"Kennedy were going to give you alone time with Jane." Drew said patting me on my back.
As soon as they were gone I sat by Jane's bed.
"Hey Jane. Can you do me favor and please please please wake up." I wait a minute.
"Yeah that's what I thought." I leaned my head against the wall.
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Chapter Title: Saving Grace
I Love Brighten and this was my little ode to them (:
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