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This Broken Place.

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Today was the day I was taking Jane home from the hospital. The doctor told me just to live my normal life with Jane, and to just be patient with her.
We were driving in my car in silence. When we pulled up Jane gave me a weird look.
"Where are we?" She asked quietly.
"Home." I said getting out of car. She followed me.
I opened the door and walked into the living room.
"So this is the living room." I said pointing.
"Ok." She said standing next to me.
"Ok so I'll take you to your bedroom." I walked down to the hallway to the bedroom we shared.
"Ok here's your room." I knew since she really didn't know me I would be sleeping in the spare bedroom.
"Where do sleep?" She asked sitting on the edge of the bed.
"I sleep in the spare room the room to the left."
"Ok." She said shyly.
I missed Jane so much, but it was so weird she wasn't my Jane anymore.
She was my Jane yes but at the same time she seemed so lost and gone.
"Kennedy how long have I know you?"
We've know each other since we were two."
"Really? When did we fall in love?"
"Well I fell in love with you I think when I was sixteen, I'm pretty sure you were the same."
"So we've been together since we were sixteen." She said giving me a smile.
"No. See the thing is we were best friends from the time we were two, to the time we were sixteen. When we were sixteen me and you got in a huge fight."
"Why did we get into the huge fight?"
"Because I was a complete asshole and let a girl get between me and you."
"Yeah you move away when you were seventeen and you moved back right before you turned twenty."
"Really? When did we start dating?"
"Right after you turned twenty."
"Kennedy how old are you, and how am I?"
"Were both 21."
"I'm sorry I don't remember anything." I said staring into his hazel eyes.
"Its not your fault and you have nothing to be sorry for." He could keep saying this but I would still felt horrible.
"I feel like I'm wasting your time."
"Believe me you’re not wasting my time, and Jane you’re going to get your memory back."
"What if that never happens?" I said.
"It’s going to happen."

As I sat in the living room watching TV. Kennedy was in the kitchen cooking dinner.
"Dinner's ready Jane." Kennedy hollered.
I got up and head into the kitchen. As we ate dinner Kennedy stared at me.
"Kennedy what are you looking at?"
"I'm sorry you." He said looking down at the table.
After dinner was done I sat on the couch flipping through channels and Kennedy sat on his laptop.
I had no clue what he was doing, and I didn't want to ask to him.
I didn't want to bother him any more then I already was. With him trying to help me remember.
I want so bad to remember everything. I wanted to remember falling in love with Kennedy.
"Jane what are you thinking about." Kennedy asked me. I guess I was staring out.
"Trying to remember."
"Oh." He went to looking back at his computer.

Jane just kinda blankly watched TV for a little while. I kept catching her zoning out.
It was so weird that Jane was here but she wasn't the same person.
When it was time for bed I watch Jane walk into what used to be our old bedroom. While I went the spare room.
I stripped down to my boxer-briefs and crawled under the covers.
As I laid in bed I stared at the wall that separated me from Jane. All I honestly wanted to do was walk into the other room and cuddle with her. To hold her and be close to her.
That couldn't happen right now though. Jane was lost, and she remembered nothing about loving me.

I got up the next morning and made me and Jane breakfast.
Jane I’m going to take you to your parent’s house today.” I said to her while she ate.
“Ok sounds good to me.”
After we ate I took Jane over to her parent’s house.
When I parked the car in front of her house, we walked up to the front door. I rang the doorbell and waited for Lily or Drew to answer the door.
“Hi guy.” Drew said as he answered the door.
“Jane why don’t you go into the kitchen where your mom is?” Drew said to Jane.
“Ok.” Jane said walking towards the kitchen.
“How did she do last night?” Drew asked me as soon as he knew Jane was out of ear shot.
“Ok I guess. I kept catching her zoning out. She told me she was trying her hardest to remember.”
“Well at least she’s trying to remember.”
“Yeah I know.”
“Kennedy you know no one would blame you if you can’t deal with this.” Drew told me.
“I’m not going anywhere. That girl who doesn’t remember anything. I’m in love with her. Even if she doesn’t remember me. I’m going to get her to remember me, and if she can’t I’m going to fall in love with her, and she’s going to fall in love with me again.” I told Drew.
“I always knew you and Jane were supposed to be together. Lily and I are going to show her old picture and stuff to try to trigger her memory today” Drew said smiling.
“Kennedy go to band practice and hang with your friends. Do me a favor and try not to worry about Jane.”
“Ok. I can’t promise I’m not going to worry.”
I walked outside to my car and drove to Jared’s house. The whole time I was driving I was worried about Jane. I kept trying to think about other things.
When I got Jared's house we were all hanging out in the living room.
"So Kennedy did you and Jane make up for lost time last night?" Garrett asked raising his eyebrows.
"I'm not answering that." I said really not wanting to talk about.
"So I'm taking that as a no." Jared said.
"No we didn't. She doesn't remember me. It would be like her sleeping with a stranger." I said annoyed at the fact that boys were talking about this.
"Hey that could be kinky. Acting like strangers." John said.
"Fuck you. Do you even know what kinky is?" I said to John as all the guys laughed at John.
"So when was the last time you had sex?" Jared asked me.
"The night before I left for tour before Jane got in the accident."
"That's almost been eleven months." Pat said.
"Thank you captain obvious. You don't think I don't know that?"
"Are you and Jane ever going to do it again?" Garrett asked.
"Maybe after she gets to know me again."
"That's sucks man." Jared said.
"Yes I know it does." Kennedy said rolling his eyes.
"Can we talk about something other then my non existent sex life please?"
"Yeah, sure." Garrett said.
"Are we going to get to re-meet her?" Pat asked me.
"Yeah. Maybe meet you guys again will trigger something."
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Chapter Title: Into Your Arms
She's now home and wants nothing more then to remember. Kennedy the same way he just wants her to remember. I wanted to make it were people thought her was going to run that he couldn't deal with it. When Kennedy has no intentions of running. So here's the deal this is all I have pre written. So it might be a little bit longer till I update again. I'm literally in the middle of writing 5 stories. I'm also a little stuck on where to go next with this one. I have no intention on ending it any time soon. I just got to get out of this little rut. Also like I said before it's really hard writing from Jane's point of view.
I need to thank forevernalways and mondayeyes; for commenting.
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