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This Broken Place.

We've both lost our minds

When I woke up I didn't dare get up. I was enjoying this moment of Jane sleeping in my arms. I felt so creepy lying there listening to her breathe. For some reason it was completely calming to me.
A about five minutes of laying there I felt her wake up.
"Morning." I said as she woke out and stared into my eyes.
"Morning." I said giving her a smile and then closed her eyes again laying her head back on my chest.
"You want me to make breakfast?"
"Yeah that would be nice." She said sitting up. The second she sat up I felt empty.
I walked towards the door and head walked down the hall to the kitchen and I heard Jane right behind me.
In the middle of cooking eggs I turned around to find Jane absent mindently staring at the table.
"What are you doing?" I asked turning back to cooking.
"I saw that."
"Kennedy why have you stuck around all this time?" I was completely taken back why what she just asked me.
I turned the stove off and walked over and sat across from her.
"Because I lost you once and I refuse to loose you again."
"What happened to us then."
"I choose somebody else over you, and that will never happen again."
"Kennedy I still don't know why you're wasting your time on me."
"I'm not wasting my time on you."
"Yeah you are." She said looking down back at the table.
"We're not talking about this. I love you and you're not a waste of time." I said walking back over to the stove.
So much I hate to admit it but things are starting to get awkward with Jane doubting me on why I'm still around.
I didn't understand why everyone couldn't understand why I didn't leave when Jane was in a coma. I couldn't even a imagine leaving her. She is pretty much my life.
"What do you want to do today?" She asked walking towards the fridge to get the orange juice.
"I have band praitice so I'm going to take you to see your parents and then we'll watch a movie or something here afterwards."
"Ok sounds like a plan to me."
We ate breakfast in comfortable silence. As soon as we finished eating I did the dishes and Jane went and go changed.
We were in the car on the way to Jane's parents house driving in silence when Jane randomly broke the silence.
"Do you ever feel like somebody you don't even know?"
"Yeah I do."
"Well that's how I feel everyday."
"Yeah but that's going to change."
"That's what you don't get there's a chance it won't."
"No matter what happens I'm not going anywhere."
"You know you're a great guy."
I couldn't help but be scared by how Jane was trying to distance herself from me.
We walked inside to find her parent sitting in the living room.
"Hi guys." Her mom said giving us a smile.
"Hi Lily, hey Drew."
"I'll come by and pick her up after band paritice."
I walked into Pat's bedroom where the rest of the guys were.
"You're late." John said.
"Yeah I'm sorry I had to take Jane to her parents house." I said walking over and sitting next to Pat on his bed.
"How's things going with her?" Jared asked.
"Ok. She's really starting to scare me."
"Why?" Garrett asked.
"Because she's trying to distance herself from me."
"Why is she doing that?"
"I don't know but it scaring me."
"What do you think she's going to do?"
"I don't know that's the worst part."
After we finished particing we were sitting back in Pat's room.
"What are your plans for tonight?" Jared asked me.
"I think me and Jane are going to stay home and watch a movie."
"Sounds fun."
When we finished band partice I went and picked Jane up from her parents house.
"Ready to go Jane."
"Yeah." She said sitting up from the couch.
"Ok let's go."
We sat on the couch watching the Notebook, because Jane's mom told her how much she loved it.
We were at the scene where Noah is hanging from the farris wheel being Ali to go on a date with him.
"You know I would have done that too, if you didn't agree to date me."
"Are you serious?" She said giving me a smile.
"Of course I'm serious. I've in love with you since I was like sixteen."
"That's really sweet."
"Do me a favor and never hang from a farris wheel."
"Ok will do." I heard her laugh slightly before leaning against me.
As we continued to watch the movie I couldn't help but feel this was like before Jane's car accident. I couldn't lie I missed this.
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Chapter Title is Kiss and Sell
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