Never Means Forever


We stopped at Taco Bell. Lucian said we could go somewhere else, but I really wanted Taco Bell. Brad said he’d be there early to see me.
I ordered, and Lucian paid for me. He brought the food to a table by a window.
“Thank you,” I said as I started eating.
“Why did you pick this place?”
“Brad works here, and it’s the best way to see him on days he works,” I explained. “That and Taco Bell tastes really good.”
He smiled then laughed at me. I grinned back then I saw Brad looking for me. I waved him smiling hugely. He walked over smiling at me.
“Hey Brad, this is Lucian; Lucian, this is Brad.”
Lucian extended a hand toward Brad. “Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you, too.”
“Brad, sit with us.”
Brad gave me an odd smile and sat beside me.
“So Lucian, do you go to our school?”
“No, I graduated a while ago.”
“Alex told me he met you when you protected him from Trevor and Cale.”
“Yes, I did,” Lucian replied.
“He told you that you told him they would leave him alone, and you’d protect him from them?”
“Can I talk to Alex for a second, please?”
“Of course.”
Brad got up, and I followed him to the soda fountain.
“So that’s the guy you’ve been telling me about?”
I nodded and blushed.
“He seems like a good guy. Hope he makes you happy.”
I smiled. “He does.”
Brad grinned at me. “So are you two dating? You never answered me.”
I looked down and muttered, “Yes.”
“Dude, are you nervous or something?”
“Just stupid insecurities.”
“Well, he really likes you.”
I smiled. “Thanks. You gotta go to work now?”
“Well, do you approve?”
I walked over to my table and sat across from Lucian where we should go on our date. I smiled at him.