Never Means Forever


Alexander insists that I pick the movie once I inform him that that's where I want to take him. Knowing almost nothing of mortal cinema I choose the first thing I see which is The Lion King. In 3D. Whatever that means. 

The ticket cashier hands us glasses along with our tickets and I look at them confusedly for a second before Alexander laughs, takes my hand and leads me into the correct theater. "You just put them on and the stuff in the movie pops out at you." 

"Is that legal?" I ask worried that something might harm the boy by my side.

He laughs his entrancing laugh and nods. "It's completely safe, I swear." 

"Oh, okay." I nod, slipping the glasses on and sitting back. Alexander nudges my arm off the armrest and flips it up before settling against my side tentatively. I smile at him and wrap an arm around his shoulder tightly, ignoring the movie somewhat and focusing on the heat transferred between our bodies.

The two hours pass in a wave of emotion. Alexander goes from happy to sad to scared to happy to scared and it's terribly nerve wracking. I want him to feel nothing but joy but this is jeopardizing that. Before I have a chance to insist that we leave, the lights go up and he stretches out happily. "I love that movie." 

"You've seen it before?" I ask confusedly. 

"Yeah but not in 3D." He shrugs. "I like 3D."

I smile softly and follow him out of the theater. "I like it too. Those glasses look mighty cute on you." 

He blushes an adorable shade of red and I pull him to a stop for a kiss. "So, Uh, where to next?" 

"I was thinking we could head back to my place? I really want you to meet Guardian Santos." I say slowly, giving him a chance to decline. 

However, he doesn't do this and instead, nods his head excitedly. "I'd love to!"

A short walk later, we're stepping into the coffee shop. My guardian notices us excitedly and waves us over. "Luc! Alex! What brings you two here?" 

"I wanted you to meet him officially." I smile proudly. 

She laughs and hugs Alexander tightly. "Well, nice to meet you. I'm just now closing up so you two run along now. Lucian, there's fresh baked cookies in the kitchen. I want them gone by morning." 

I laugh and agree, pulling Alexander through the shop and into my home. We take the plate of cookies and head up to my room together. Once there, I set the cookies on my dresser and turn to Alexander who's looking around the room excitedly.

"I haven't been here before." He smiles. 

I duck my head and shrug. "It's nothing much but I grew up here. Do you maybe wanna stay over tonight?" 

"Yes," He answers quickly, face turning red almost immediately. "I mean, I just have to call my dad."

Once his dad gives the okay he smiles up at me and pecks my lips. I flop down on my bed happily and pat the space beside me.

"Can I ask you something?" Alexander asks, sitting on my bed next to me, lower lip between his teeth. 

"Anything you want." I answer.

"If a Reaper becomes a Guardian to the person they're supposed to protect, their soul mate, does that mean that Guardian Santos is your soul mate since she's your Guardian? I'm confused."

I laugh and shake my head. "No, not at all. Her soul mate is Greg. He lives here too and that's the man she is guarding. Every time a Reaper turns to a Guardian, they and their mate are gifted with a baby Reaper angel to raise until they've changed into a Guardian. Guardian Santos and Greg are my parental figures. Once I fully change, I'll probably move out." I explain.

His eyes light up excitedly. "You mean, when you fully change we get a baby?"

I laugh and nod, loving the way he got excited. "Yes, but not until we're ready, of course. You can graduate school and go to college and as soon as we're ready, we can wait as long as we want."

"Do you . . . do you think that we could move in together? When I graduate?" He asks nervously, looking up into my eyes.

"If that's what you want then I'd be more than happy to." I agree. Alexander smiles and tentatively slides his hand under my shirt to stroke my wings. I shiver in enjoyment and pull my shirt off over my head. I pull him on top of me in a straddling position and attack his lips with kisses. He takes turns raking his hands through my hair and the feathers of my wings.

We pull apart only when air is necessary and he lays his head on my shoulder, breath fanning out across my neck. I lay back with him on top of me and shift around slightly. He's asleep before long and I follow shortly after.