Sequel: Secret Consperacy

The Reason for Gerard

A Death in the Family

Mikey's P.O.V.

My heart shattered into a million pieces. All of those rumors, about how Gee and I looked nothing alike, and strange glances from Mom and Dad at dinner. I found out that I was adopted as soon as I had asked Gerard to marry me. I could tell that Bob had something to say. I figured out why Bob and Ray and Frank were all so uncomfortable around me. They knew. "How could you keep this from me? How long have you known? Fuck that you should have told me the second you found out! I can't be here right now. I have to get out!

Gee's P.O.V.

I was as shocked as Mikey. I ran after him. He got in his car and started to back out. I opened the door while it was still moving at jumped in. Thankfully Mikey stopped when he saw me, otherwise I would have fallen straight down the driveway. I didn't know where we were driving and I didn't need to. All I needed to know was that we could finally be together without people looking at us funny. Maybe not being brothers is better after all.........


Bob's P.O.V.

As we were waiting in the hospital, we were trying to think positively, even though we all were thinking the worst. As the doctor came out the awkward silence said too much. "Thankfully Mikey pulled through just fine. He's in recovery." said the doctor. "What about Gerard?" said Ray. "He had internal bleeding, which we tried to stop, but there was something we found...." "But is he okay????" said Frank. "He has the second stages of cancer..........................................."

To be continued......................