Kill The Gerard

A compilation of oneshots all about killing Gerard.

Somewhat inspired by Keep The Faith, but they're not really related.

Topic if you want to know more.
  1. Paint Me A Picture
    By me. Just an example in case you have no idea what's going on.
  2. Just Sleep
    The demons haunt him every single night in the shallow depths of sleep, but is there a way to put an end to them?
  3. I Drink, Therefore I Am.
  4. Instead Of Oxygen
  5. Funeral For A Friend
  6. The House of the Silent Girl
  7. Runaway Love
  8. I Never Told You
  9. Goodbye, We're Falling Fast
    Frerard. Yeah, I'm sure this time.
  10. Ready, Set, Explode
    Blood. Glorious red death and horrible black pain.
  11. Confetti
  12. Name
    My name is Hero.
  13. Apologize
  14. Next to Godliness
  15. They'll Never Expect Me
  16. Define: Playwright
  17. Sparks