Sequel: Our Lady of sorrows

I will die in this place.

coffee and kisses

10 minuets later)

Okay I think its wrong to talk about anything but the person your trying to say good bye to, I understand that. I believe its true, I mean you would say, Hey guess what I heard to day at the groucery store- would you? Cuz thats just rude right? yah that what I was thinking about untill I relised I was n't thinking about grama anymore.

I glanced down the line of side-centered pews the church was a silent ground. The air hung a subtle smell a fragrence of a sweet flower. But as soon as you smell the sent get a quick sniff, it leaves and your stuck with the same old funneral smell.

But this was uterly strange the smell was an occuring fragrence that sent your sences for a short high. One of those abnormal smells that left you woundering where it left off too. The smell that you think you hate but just want one more sniff, just to make sure you hate it.

It was the over all feeling of looking at grandma behind a wood plank that gave me the frights. That was my grandma, mine. Its hard when its yours.

The room was still quiet and musty, and lonley. I was still there ten minuets after the prossesion and still dead confused about every thing. But lucky for me that, my wildly imagination had thought somthing up.

Okay so the reson Grandma was dead was simple, either she got old and crocked like every old person,. or #2 she could have been klilled. And As morbid as it sounds I liked answer number 2. It gave me much more things to think about. And at this very moment it was all I wanted to do. Think.

"Sir, were going to move the deseast so would you mind schooching tyo your right a bit." It was one of those people who actually hold the cascet to the grave. eeeewwww.

He looked at me funny. I sneeked a glance at him from the side.


I looked head on now. To find. . .Sami. My one true love. My stomache did a little tuck and tumble. I wish it would stop moving I was already so nervous.

"H-hey Sami. You work at the funneral home now?" I tried to make it sound discusted but it came out all wrong.

Sami snired. "Ha, It is you. So who's in the shoebox?" She made a flimsey gesture twords the cascet.

"uh," I scratched the back of my neck. " My, grandma. She had like a heart attack or somthing."

Sami smiled. She looked so clean so undepressedlike how i felt.

"Hey don't looked so glum. If it makes you feel better my boyfriend was killed in an accident."

"Oh, Im sorry." I said not exactly ready to say it wasn't my grandma dead that was the problem.

Sami shrugged. "Yah well somtimes life can suck you in and spit you out in peices."

I smiled back It was good to have somone I sorta-kinda know here with me. But the funny thing is in these short 3 and 1/2 minuets I feel I knew her more then anyone on the planet.

"You wanna get a coffee?" She sad so casually I almost missed it.

". . . . Yah! Oh yah yah That woul- thats great I-"

"shhh, gotta let your granny rest in peace."


"2 mint coolers, and in one put extra esspresso, I like a boost if you catch my drift."

"So Sami now you wanna go out with me? If this is out of pitty I am so out of here I hate those sort of girls. They always hit on the kids with a boken leg in high school."

Sami laughed. "HAHA hell No Mikey. I always liked you I just,. . ,."

"just what?"

Sami shock her head and gave the cashier the money. "Just. . .playing hard to get."

THere was definatly somthing more to what Sami clamied but I dicided not to risck it. Just yet.

Sami Got the coffee handed me the one with out the extra and sat down at an out door table.For me it felt like me hole day highlighted from being a day of complete sorrow to uber happy in hours. Sami made me feel that way.

I slurrped my coffee. It was the perfic blend of coffee beans and wipped cream and well, mint. I looked up from my coffee to see Sami staring at me.

"What?"I could feel my cheeks get hot. "Is there somthing on my face?"

"no, Your so. . .fearless." I stared at her with a blank gaze a Huh? kind of gaze.

"I don't think fearless is the right word. Well the one time me and my friends were at this place and they put me in a sleeping bag and dropped me in a pool cuz I was afriad of these guys that had this cult up stairs. Hardly call that fearless. I was crying like a baby all the way down. I was so scared."

Sami couldn't help make a snorting nose.

"Its not funny its scary! you would be scared too!"

"why didn't go with them them?"

"I didn't want to have a voodoo curse on me for the rest of my life!"

"Well they all came back alive didn't they?"

"Well sure but the never went they were too bussy laughing at me."

Sami was pretty much gonna wet her pants with laughter. She rolled back and forth on her but, as the seat gave off a sad dying squeak.

"Sorry Mikey. I never knew you had such terrible friends." Sami wiped a tear from her eye, she was really having fun.

"Yah well, It was scary." After my short coment there was this wkward silence again. I looked up from my coffee and Sami was staring at me just like before. It gave me a happy feeling that She was more checking me out the looking at a coofee staine or along the lines of somthing embarssing.

"Sami you really have to stop staring at me its really starting to freak me out-" Suddenly Sami's lips colided with mine and there was a rush of coffee and mint in my mouth. She pulled away quickly looking at my expression, asking me with her eyes if she had done the right thing.

It was a close mouth kiss but still amazingly electrifying.

I smiled. And chuckled Nerdy like and lifted my glasses off my head. THis time I went in for the kiss. For me I really didn't know how to kiss so it was really wierd trying to figure out why my lips went all crazy.

Sami put her hands to frame my face and I relaxed. her touch was warm and light. She was a much better kisser. wow. And I mean really good. I know this beacuse a good kiss feels good, bad kisses make you want to puke afterwards, and grandmas kisses were BAD! This kiss made want to hold on to Sami forever. My fingers dug into her belt loop and held her closer. I've never ever ever held a girls waist ever! this was a day of firsts.

We both came up for air satisfided with our kissing for the time being.

"Wow your A really good kisser Sami." I stared right into her eyes, Now that I kissed her it seemed like I already know every thing there is to know abou her.

Sami shrugged. "Im sorry I can't say the same for you."

I turned my head down thinking all along I shouldn't Have dove in for that second kiss.

"But don't worry, we'll practice." Sami smiled up at me and we walked down the crosswalk to the grave yard.

I've never had a girlfriend before.