Sequel: Our Lady of sorrows

I will die in this place.


I was walking with Gabo and feeling pretty good. Well as good as you can feel going to an, and theres my point! ANy ways I was feeling an urge to swim, I don't know why but I just did. The bridge we walked over was built right over a river. I didn't know the name of the river and it didn't really matter because I would have forgotten it as soon as I went home.

I breathed in the clean air of the lake it gave such a wounderful feeling of being, well, alive! To bad for Officer Clint he probably never saw the world like I did today, and thanks to me he never will. There was somthing itching in the back of my throught I wanted to tell GABO about but I couldn't quite figure out what it was, My sence were to over welmed with life.

"So I see your like the river eh?" GABO looked over the bridge twords a passing ship. "I've always loved This river, I went swimming here when I was a boy and really mentaly never left."

I looked at GABO and how utterly mysterious It was to see such a normal person.

"You know," GABO started. "I've Been to this River almost every week for as long as I've been kick'n." He took a large breath of air and let it out.

"GABO, why do your friends call you that?" It was a random question I thought would get a good stroy out of him. But he stiffened And kept looking forward his steps were slow and robotic. He was either disturbed or very casualy dying right in front of me. "GAB-sir?"

He put his hand up to stop me from panicking. "You want to know eh? Well I'll tell you but , lets sit down. My legs are getting tired." I could tell he wasn't tired at all no problem working his legs or having heart attack or somthing. But i agreed and we sat down.

I was sweating like a pig and I think my make-up was smudging, But the temperature Had changed very quickly.

"Listen Kid,"

KID?! I'll have him know Im going on 29! ( A/N:yah I know Gee is like thirty but w/eva)

"I'm not gonna give you an exorcism, kapiesh?"

"Huh?" I was reather caught off gard.

"Yah I know I used you to get out of the parking lot big woop! ANy ways I knew you from somthing, I says to my self: He was with Holly That night on the balcony."

My insides got cold, Why was he watching me? I thought no one was there, Execpt. I was wrong. I was speechless. So I kept my mouth shut, willing to see how much he would spill.

"And well the little b**** led me right to yah and you led me right to her."

"I don't know what your talking about." I I tryed to sound like I never knew anyone, not even Holly as hard as it sounded.

"Don't play stupid, Gerard I know who you are I know where she is. So If you mess this up for me I can kill her, I have no problem getting rid of the spy who betrayed my company."

Company? what company? This was truly confusing me now and I tried to remeber what happened to Holly and me.

It was after we tried to find Mikey and dicided to give up. We were both tired and got a hotle room off a strange High way I had never seen before. We got the room and I slept on the couch. Simple as it was I was pulling down the bed when I heard Holly crying. THinking of nothing else I followed the crying and found Holly in the Bathroom with a cell pohone to her ear.

"Holly? Are you okay." I approched her and she backed away.

"Get away from me!"

"Holly its okay its Me! Gee, your just having a bad day or-"

The she hit me. I don't know why but she hit me hard across my cheek the one that had a scare on it from the incedent in which she had saved my life. I was bleeding like crazy i looked In the mirror and my whole left side was red and numb. I turned to Holly.

"Why did you do that!"

She looked at me like a terrorist with a bomb in her hand. "WHats not to get Gerard You hid somthing from me, and I hid somthing from you!"

I was confused I don't remeber not telling her anything. I even told her about my addiction to drugs, but she shook her head.

"It hasn't happened yet!" She looked at me while she cried, looked as innocent and as un-lying as you can while crying. " . . . WHat are you doing Get out of here!"

I stared at her and I touched her cheek. She quived and tore it away like a vicsious beast.

"We have what we want, It will kill me if we do. I was an assasin for somone Im not suposed to name and I was suposed to Kill you but first I had to gain you fucking trust! ANd then It all went down hill, I loved you! you can't Kill somone You love!" Her eyes would have bled if it wasn't for an extra set of water for her tears. Her eyes were blood shopt and here fingers trembled.

". . .You love me." I was tearing up myself. I had never been loved. Well loved by anyone but family. There was fake love, the one night stand sort of love but, in the morning it was over. This was different I never felt love I never knew how it worked but I guess I loved her back because As soon as I said I "love you too" I kissed her.


"IM TALKING TO YOU YOU FREAK!" My head snapped back to reality. And GABO was angry. "Sorry to rip you from memory lane But I have somthing to do!"


"DON"T SAY IT! LETS JUST GET THIS OVER WITH!" He dug in his pocket and pulled out a knife. "Hate to say it kid but your a natural killer and You have to get rid of sombody."

I looked at him with a Never-in-hell-would-i-do-somthig like that. But GABO only laughed and clenched his teeth together leaving a yellow staine to his gums.

"Oh but you will," He held out a crumpled picture of Holly. "This girl Is my Agent The assaisin to Kill you." I nodded remebering Hollys words that night. "She failed and Said She couldn't Kill you because you just weren't worth the trouble." He smile widened. "But she lied, she had the biggest little puppy love for you. Actually it was rather sickening. But If you don't Get who Im talking about Her neck will be "accidentally" slit.

I was still unconviced. " How did you she loved me?"

GABO chuckled and pulled out a crumpled peice of paper that read:


If you got this letter its to say I'm sorry. I had to leave. I had some things to attend to back home in Las Vages.

I did really love you

"Any more fancy Questions you think I can;'t answer? Gerard."