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I Need You, Just Like You Need Me.

I was never the pretty girl. Or the popular one. Im a Screw up, I can't do anything right. Im a Disappointment. Im  ugly, and fat. I am nothing. These thoughts run through my head at least seventy  times a day, everyday, for the past five years. These thoughts were killing me. My friends don't know, how depressed I am. How I'm sick of Living, but they are busy touring. I don't expect them to realize it, I don't want them to. 

"I don't need saving. Just let me die."

*I do not own the Maine or any other band members in this story. All credit goes to the rightful owners of all pictures, song lyrics, and song titles used. Pictures were found on Tumblr. All else is made up.
  1. Control The Bleed.
  2. I'm Smiling, But I'm Dying.
    Nothing by The Script.
  3. One Tear Hit The Hard Wood, It Felt Like Broken Glass.
    Wasted by Carrie Underwood
  4. You Know I'm Not Much Better Without You.
    Damn Girl by The All American Rejects.
  5. If I Hope To Survive, I Must Think Faster.
    A Gilded Masquerade by Alesana.
  6. You're So Perfect, And I Can't Measure Up.
    Everything I'm Not by The Veronica's.
  7. Should Of Known I Was Dreaming, Believing You Were Real.
    See You Around by Runner Runner.
  8. Doing My Best To Not Look Down.
    Don't Let Me Go By The Summer Set.
  9. There's A Reason I Feel This Way.
    Let Love Bleed Red by Sleeping With Sirens.
  10. Do I End Up Happy?
    Happily Ever After by He Is We.
  11. Don't Wanna Blink My Eyes, Don't Wanna Miss A Thing.
    I Can't Wait by Runner Runner.
  12. One Day We're Gonna Say We Need Each Other, Okay.
    Bend and Break by Allstar Weekend
  13. Stay With Me Tonight, Dont Go.
    Don't Go by Bring Me The Horizon.
  14. I Guess I Should Of Seen This Coming.
    Circle Seven: Sin Of The Lion by Alesana.
  15. You've Become What I Hate.
    Bite My Tongue by You Me At Six.
  16. That's What I Get For Chasing After.
    Circle Seven: Sin Of The Lion by Alesana
  17. If There's One Thing I've learned, It's How Easy The Tables Turn.
    Body Parts by The Plain White T's
  18. You're On My Radar.
    Radar by Britney Spears
  19. Just Stop, I Think I Got It.
    Celebrity Status by Marianas Trench
  20. I Got My Mindset On You.
    Mindset by Every Avenue.
  21. I'm Right Here When You Need Someone
    Porcelian by Marianas Trench
  22. I Cant Keep Up, Always Playing Catch Up.
    On Paper by Arkells
  23. Who will be the One to Save Me?
    Dont Let Me Go by The Summer Set
  24. My own misery is taunting me.
    Lullaby Of The Crucified by Alesana.
  25. By the time you're hearing this, I'll already be gone.
    Bulletproof Love by Pierce The Veil
  26. I never got to see you once more, no.
    Hospital by Lydia.
  27. You have nothing to fear. I'll stay with you, my dear
    Easy by We Are The In Crowd.
  28. You are the smell before rain. You are the blood in my veins.
    The boy who blocked his own shot by Brand New.
  29. I want you forever, forever and always.
    Forever And Always by Parachute
  30. Tell me that you love me, and it'll be alright.
    I must be dreaming by The Maine