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And You'll See Your Hero Come Running

Chapter 3

It’s the September long weekend and before Jonathan and I have to go back to Chicago we decided to rent a cabin with our best friends, Jenn, Tyler, Catherine, Matt, Rebecca and Derek. We got to the cabin, climbed out of the truck and went into the cabin. There was a small kitchen with a fridge, stove/oven and a dining area, a living room with two couches and chairs and a TV. Towards the back of the cabin was a long hallway with three bedrooms and one bathroom. There was also a deck with sliding glass doors going outside from the living room, a barbeque and a stone pathway going from the deck down to the dock. Jon and I opened the door to our room to find a queen-size bed, a nightstand with a lamp and a clock on it, a dresser against one wall and a closet.

We put our bags down and changed into our swim attire. I had on my purple triangle bikini top and matching bottoms, while Jon had on his black plaid swim trunks. I threw on a baggy t-shirt, grabbed my sunglasses and some sunscreen and headed outside. Jenn, Catherine and Rebecca were already on the dock sitting in lounge chairs. “Hey Chelsey,” Jenn said as I sat down on one of the chairs. “Hey,” I replied taking off my t-shirt and tossing it over the back of my chair. “Whoa, Chels look at you,” Rebecca exclaimed. “What?” I asked looking down. “Pregnancy looks good on you,” Rebecca replied. “Yeah I mean look at your boobs!” Catherine said. “They’re not that much bigger,” I said adjusting my top. “Yeah they are! They’re like spilling out of your top,” Catherine exclaimed. “I bet Jon likes that,” Jenn smirked. “Bet I like what?” Jon asked walk down from the other end of the dock with Tyler, Matt and Derek behind him. “Chelsey’s breasts getting bigger,” Jenn said. “Well you know...I can’t complain,” Jon smirked sitting down beside me. I just shook my head and laughed lightly.

The guys went swimming while the girls and I talked some more. “So Chelsey do you know what you’re gonna name it?” Rebecca asked. “Well I have a few names. If it’s a girl, maybe Madison, Aubrey, Rylee, or Caitlyn. If it’s a boy, maybe Taylor, Breaden, Jayden or Ethan,” I replied. “Oh I like those names,” Jenn said. “So have you pictured what you’re gonna look like when your 8 months pregnant?” Catherine asked. “Oh she’s gonna be huge!” Jenn exclaimed. “Yeah I’m not gonna be able to see my feet or wrap my arms around my stomach,” I agreed. “You’ll look like a penguin waddling!” Rebecca said. We all burst into a fit of giggles.

I got up to stretch my legs and saw the guys getting out of the water. I couldn’t help but stare at my husband as the water ran down his perfectly sculpted chest and abs. “Damn my baby looks good,” I whispered huskily when Jon was in front of me, running my hand down his chest and abs. “Yes she does,” Jon said pulling me in for a kiss and wrapping his arms around me. “Come here,” I said grabbing his hand and leading him towards the cabin. “Looks like someone’s, gonna get a little something,” Tyler commented. “Use protection!” Jenn yelled. “Why it’s not like I can get any more pregnant,” I yelled back.

Jon and I were curled up on the sofa. I was in a pair of shorts and one of Jon’s t-shirts, while Jon was in a pair of black basketball shorts and Blackhawks t-shirt. My legs were draped over Jon’s lap; his arm was around my waist as I snuggled into his chest. “Is it safe?” Derek yelled as he, along with everyone else, came inside. “Yeah it’s fine man,” Jon laughed. “Oh don’t tell me you guys did it on the couch,” Matt said with a disgusted look on his face. I laughed, “No don’t worry it was in the privacy of our room.” “Oh good,” he said plopping himself on the other end of the couch.

“Who’s hungry?” Rebecca asked. “Me,” said all the boys. “Okay is burgers alright,” Jenn asked. “Yup sounds good,” Tyler replied. “Who wants to barbeque?” “Tyler and I can,” Jon said as Jenn went to into the kitchen. “I’ll come help you Jenn,” I said getting up. While the boys cooked the burgers, the girls got the condiments ready and fixed a creaser salad. “I’m gonna go check on the burgers,” I said after I finished with the salad. I walked out onto the deck and saw Jon and Tyler standing over the grill. “How are the burgers coming?” I asked putting my arm around Jon’s waist. “About 5 more minutes,” Jon answered. Once the burgers were ready we all sat down to eat.

After dinner we decided to have a fire. It was a little chilly out so I decided to change into a pair of skinny jeans and pulled over Jon’s Blackhawks hoodie. I went outside to see the fire already started. Jenn was sitting on Tyler’s lap, Derek had his arm around Rebecca and Catherine was sitting beside Matt. I went and sat on Jon’s lap and he wrapped his arms around me bringing me closer to him. “You guys ready to go back to Chicago?” Matt asked Jon and I. “It’s sucks having to leave everyone, but I’m ready to get back out on the ice,” Jon said. “Well then let’s toast. To best friends and an awesome summer!” Derek said raising his beer can. Everyone else raised their beer cans, except for Jon and I who were drinking water. “Cheers!” we all said. I snuggled back into Jon’s embrace, smiling to myself. “What are you smiling about?” Jon whispered in my ear. “Just thinking about this summer and everything that’s happened.” “Yeah it was pretty great, I got to marry you,” Jon smirked. “Oh that's the best part of the whole summer,” I laughed. “Well that and the fact that we’re going to have a baby,” Jon smiled giving me a sweet kiss. “Yeah it’s pretty amazing isn’t it,” I said putting my hand on my stomach. “It sure is,” Jon agreed putting his hand over mine and giving me a kiss on the check.