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And You'll See Your Hero Come Running

Chapter 6

It’s Wednesday evening, the day before the Hawks play the Winnipeg Jets. Jon, Hossa, Duncan and Brent went out of dinner with Big Buff and Ladd. Jon said that I could come along but I figured I’d let them catch up and I’ll see them after the game tomorrow. I decided to watch my favourite movie ‘The Princess Bride’ while Jon was out for dinner. I changed into some black Lulu Lemon yoga pants and a blue v-neck t-shirt. I grabbed a blanket off of the back of the couch and went to go sit down and start the movie. Jon came home around 9pm. “Hey did you have a good time?” I asked as he sat down on the couch beside me. “Yeah I did. Buff asked where you were, I told them they’d see you tomorrow after the game,” he replied. “You excited for the game tomorrow?” “Yeah, I can’t wait,” Jon grinned.

After work the next day I rushed home to get ready for the game. I quickly changed out of my work clothes and into a pair of skinny jean, a white v-neck and a grey cardigan. I ran a brush through my hair and fixed my makeup. I put on my brown leather jacket, black flats and grabbed my jersey before heading out the door with Jon to the UC. In the first period the Jets scored twice and then Jon and Kane scored making it a tie game going into the second. In the second period Hossa and Bolland scored for the Hawks and the Jets also scored. The final score of the game was 4-3 for the Hawks.

I waited for Jon outside the locker room. I saw the doors open and out came Jon with Kaner, Sharp and Seabs. “Hey great game guys,” I exclaimed while giving Jon a hug and a kiss. “Thanks,” the boys replied. Just then we saw Buff and Ladd walking down the hallway. “Chelsey!!” Dustin yelled running down the hallway towards me. He picked me up and spun me around. “Hello to you too Buff,” I laughed as he put me down. “Hi Andrew,” I said giving him a hug. “Hey Chels,” he smiled. “Wow look at you, you’re getting big,” Dustin commented as his eyes landed on my growing baby bump. “Oh yeah,” I smiled resting my hand on my belly. “I heard you got pregnant about a month after you two got married,” Andrew said. “Yeah that’s right,” I answered. “Nice work Tazer,” Buff smirked. “Thanks Buff,” Jon laughed. “I can’t believe you’re gonna have two little Tazer’s running around soon,” Ladd said. “Yeah I know pretty crazy huh,” Jon agreed. We talked for a little while longer before we headed out of the rink and went home.

I didn’t have to work on Friday so I took my time getting ready. I had a nice long hot shower, applied some makeup and dried my hair. I came out of the bathroom in my bra and panties and went into the closet to find something to wear. I pulled out a pair of jeans and put them on but I couldn’t get the zipper up. I took them off and tried on another pair but the same thing happened. I did this with about 4 other pairs. "UGH!!" I screamed getting really frustrated and then I just started throwing clothes out of the closet, not caring where they landed.

“Whoa it looks a tornado came through here,” Jon commented as he came into the bedroom. “What happened, Chels?” “I’m too fat, nothing fits me anymore,” I cried. “Come here,” Jon said grabbing my hand and leading me to where the full length mirror was in our bedroom. He turned me so I was facing the mirror and he was behind me. “Look in the mirror. What do you see?” he asked. I looked at my reflection with a disgusted face. “I look disgusting,” I said turning away. “Well I see a woman who is beautiful, smart, strong, loving, caring and just as sexy as ever,” he said while wrapping his arms around me and placing his hands on my belly. “Really?” I asked. “Yes and I love the fact that there’s two little babies growing inside of you and that I helped create them,” Jon replied. “And yes there will be days where you don’t feel great and times when your clothes don’t fit and you will get bigger but you’ll always be beautiful to me. I love you,” Jon said kissing my check. “I love you too,” I said turning around and giving him a kiss on his lips. “So how about you put on some yoga pants and a t-shirt and we go shopping for maternity clothes,” Jon said. “Okay,” I replied as Jon turned around and headed towards the door. “Oh and Jon,” I said. He turned around in the doorway to look at me. “Thank you,” I smiled. He smiled in return and left me to finish getting ready.

After a full day of shopping we were finally done. I ended up finding skinny jeans with the stretchable waist so that when I do get bigger I don’t have to go buy new jeans and some really cute t-shirts and sweaters, as well as two coats. Overall I was very happy with what I bought. I had just finished putting away all my clothes and came back out into the living room to find Jon sitting on the couch watching TV. I sat down beside him, took his face in my hands and gave him a long slow kiss. “What was that for?” Jon asked as I pulled away. “For being so patient with me today and not getting mad,” I said lying my head down on his chest.
Sunday was the day of Brent Seabrook’s Celebrity ICE Bowl and Jon and I were going to help out and for support. Some of the other guys that were going were Kaner, Dan Carcillo, Stalberg, Steve Montador and Sami Lepisto. I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed. I put on a pair of the new skinny jeans that I had bought yesterday along with a white tank top and a light grey wool cardigan. I applied a bit of makeup and decided to put my hair in loose wavy curls. I came out of the bathroom to see Jon in a pair of jeans and a grey v-neck t-shirt with a navy blue zip up sweater. “You look nice,” Jon smiled. “Thanks so do you,” I said giving him a quick kiss.

We got to Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes about an hour and a half before the event was supposed to start. “Hey guys thanks for coming,” Brent said as we walked in, “Glad you could make it.” “No problem Seabs,” Jon said as we went to go sit down in the lane where we would be bowling. Pat and Daniel came and sat across from us. “Chelsey are you even going to be able to bowl?” Kaner asked, motioning to my belly. “I’m not that big yet Patrick,” I laughed. “Hey just asking I don’t know what it’s like to be pregnant,” he replied earning a laugh from Jon and Dan. “So Chelsey, any weird cravings yet?” Stally asked as he came and sat down. “No not yet, but I seem to always be hungry.” “Yeah you had a huge portion at dinner last night and then 20 minutes after you were done you went and got a snack,” Jon commented. “Hey it’s not my fault. It’s these stupid hormones,” I said. “So have you gotten to the part in the pregnancy where she’s really horny yet?”Steve asked Jon. “There’s a horny phase?” Jon questioned. “Oh yeah! Be careful though, she’ll be wanting to jump your bones every chance she gets,” Steve recalled remembering when his wife was pregnant. “Can we just jump straight to that phase,” Jon smirked at me. I just rolled my eyes, “Looks like you’ll just have to wait.”

The ICE Bowl went really well. The fans seemed to really enjoy it as well as the players. Jon was so good with the kids that came, interacting and playing with them. I couldn’t help but think about what he would be like with our children. Jon and I had just finished helping clean up. “Thanks again for coming out,” Brent said as we were putting our shoes on. “No problem man it was fun,” Jon said before we headed out to the car and made our way home.