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Chapter One

“Ready?” I breathed. My breath fogging the cold air in front of me, as we stood staring at the school’s front doors.

“As I’ll ever be, I suppose.” Allison, my best friend and house mate, responded from next to me. Her curly brown hair cascaded down her back, while she pursued her lips, briefly closing her brown eyes to the world.

“It can’t be as bad as the last school right?” I said tying to reassure her.

“I suppose not.” She chuckled tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Well here comes Boss Man…” I muttered under my breath as our new principal walked toward us.

“Miss Argent? Miss Seymour?”

“Yes.” We said simultaneously.

“Welcome to Beacon Hills High. I’m Principal Webster. Let’s get you to your classes, shall we?” The man said kindly. He led us to the office where we were given our schedules, maps and lockers.

“It appears we only have lunch together sophomore.” I stated tauntingly.

“Don’t Jane.” Allison glared at me, “You know why I’m a sophomore, and it wasn’t my fault. Just go be a senior, you brat.”

I laughed my long light blonde hair bouncing in its naturally wavy ponytail, “I’m only joking Ally. Relax.” I continued my pale green eyes shining with laughter still, “Have fun with your classes!” I called as I walked away.

“See you at lunch!” She called after me. I waved my hand in acknowledgement dreading the day ahead of me.


The bell that ended the school day couldn’t ring soon enough. I quickly grabbed my tan messenger bag and books and ran out to my dark blue 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I threw my bag into the back and quickly started the car to warm it up. I saw Allison saying goodbye to two boys. One had long shaggy brown hair with tan skin and the other was pale and a buzzed cut brown hair. By the tan one’s body language he was definitely into Allison. She bid them goodbye and walked to the car. As she got into the car I gave her a knowing look.

“What?” she asked cautiously giving me a worried look.

“Oh you know what.” I said slyly pulling out of the parking lot. “Care to tell me about that boy you were just flirting with?” I smirked happily.

“Who Scott?” She asked, “I-I don’t know we just met…”

“And…?” I asked impatiently. “I saw the way he looked at you Ally, he’s totally crushing! And by the way you are blushing; I’d say you are too…”

Allison was silent for awhile blushing like crazy yet couldn’t get rid of the smile that appeared on her face when I told her he liked her back.

“Well what about you, hmmmm? Anyone striking your fancy?” Allison implied.

“Allison you know I can’t. Not after-” I started, “besides with my past, I don’t think boys and I mesh well, especially when it comes to the romantics.” I continued sadly, gripping the wheel tighter.

“Jane, you can’t let what that asshole did to you control your life. Besides, I have a good feeling about this place. Something might be different this time…” Allison said knowingly.

She didn’t know what truly happened with my ex boyfriend. Only that it was bad, really bad and that I refused to talk about it. Only Chris knew the truth. Not even Helena knew as far as I was concerned. But I refused to get close to another man romantically after what he did to me…and my family. I just couldn’t do it again.

“I highly doubt it Ally…” I trailed off pulling into our new house’s driveway.
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