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Chapter Two

“Hey, I’m going for a run, did you want to join?” I asked Allison through her bedroom doorframe.

“You’re kidding right? It’s almost dark Jane!” Allison replied looking up from her schoolwork.

“Oh don’t be such a worry wart.” I waved her off, “I’ll be back before then, unless you want to join me?” I pushed.

“Not in the mood sorry.” Allison said smiling sadly.

I shook my head at her before sighing an ‘okay’ and leaving her to her peace. I got dressed into my black adidas spandex, light blue long sleeve running shirt and running shoes. I threw my hair into a high ponytail and grabbed my iPod

“I’ll be back!” I called to the quiet house before closing the door. I did a few quick stretches before running down the road while ‘Help I’m Alive by Metric’ blasted into my ears. I kept running down the road until I saw a slightly used trail in the forest and decided to use it.

By my third mile, I had been so lost in my thoughts I didn’t even notice it get dark out. “Crap.” I muttered slowing down to a walk and pulling my headphones out. I looked around quickly, noticing I could barely see anything.

“You’ve got to be joking.” I said in a low voice as I continued to feel my way down the path. I stopped to look around quickly when I heard a twig snap off to my left. My head whipped in that direction, I pushed away the wisps and strays that fell out of my ponytail to get a clearer look, my eyes squinting. I let out a loud gasp as two glowing red eyes become clearer. I started to back up as the rustling became quicker and louder. I bolt in the opposite direction, away from the trail and my pursuer. I could hear it catching up to me quickly and suddenly I was thrown into a tree. I let out a scream as I hit the tree sharply, the beast walking towards me threatingly. I tried to scramble up but was pinned down, it’s face in mine. Once I saw a closer look at its eyes. I knew what it was. An Alpha.
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Hello Again! Im so very sorry this one was so short but i thought a cliff hanger would be good! Hope you all are enjoying it so far! comments are much appreciated!