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Chapter Three

Memories of my family being slaughtered in front of me flashed before my eyes.

“No!” I cried loudly, tears of fear and sadness pour out of the corners of my eyes, as I struggled to get away from it and the painful memories. I felt something sharp scrap my left cheek as I turned my face away from it and saw a sharp tree branch next to my face. I grabbed it quickly slamming it into my attackers’ face, mulch flying everywhere from the impact. The Alpha let out a howl of frustration, buying me enough time to scramble away from it. I let out a gush of air as I proceeded to trip over a root from the tree I was cornered on. I threw my hands out to catch my fall before spinning onto my back, scampering backwards once more.

‘Not again…this can’t be happening again…’ I whimpered in my head. I felt weak and helpless but my mind was too scattered to make sense of what was going on. I heard the Alpha’s loud and heavy breathing as it stalked towards me, with a loud growl it jumped ready to pounce on me and rip my head off. I flinched, turning my head away from what was about to happen. But it never did. I looked up surprised at the sound of two separate growls. There was a tall man crouched protectively in front of me, blocking the Alpha. The Alpha growled threatingly towards him before running away from us, deciding I wasn’t worth the fight. The man slowly turned to face me, his strong chest still rising and falling rapidly. The moonlight hit his face as he turned, confirming my thoughts. He was another werewolf, but merely a Beta. His eyes shined a bright ocean blue. I wanted to flinch away but something about his eyes made me feel secure. Maybe it was the fact that he saved me but I could sense that there was something different about him. He was in control, unlike that Alpha. The Beta seemed to hesitate for a minute before it was gone in a blink of an eye.

I let out the gust of air I had been sub consciously holding in and slowly got up putting as little pressure on my right ankle as possible. I took some slow deep breathe trying to recollect myself and get the Beta out of my head. I told myself when I moved here I wouldn’t…couldn’t let history repeat its self and God help me I was gonna keep that promise.

I quickly wiped the tears that were now slowly falling down my face and refused to allow myself to think of anything except getting back home. I didn’t need the nightmares again, they had just stopped but after tonight there was no doubt they’d return.
I finally made it to the highway after what seemed like hours and for all I knew it was. I stumbled along the road still disoriented from the attack and my throbbing ankle. Ahead I saw two bright lights that were getting closer and closer.

“Jane?” I heard a male voice say from inside the blue jeep that pulled up next to me.

“Stiles?” I asked recognizing his face when I got closer to the car. I had never met him personally but he was a friend of Allison so I figured I was okay.

“Yeah, What are you doing out so late? Here get in; I’ll give you a ride home.” Stiles said leaning over and opening the passenger door for me.

“Thanks.” I said slightly shaky, climbing into the car.

“What happened? You look like crap.” He stated bluntly before quickly adding, “No offense!”

“Oh, nothing” I lied quickly, “I was just out for a nightly run and tripped.” I continued, hoping he’d buy it. Technically it wasn’t a complete lie but it wasn’t the complete truth either. Stiles gave me a skeptical look before shaking his head and continuing down the road.

“So do you normally give strangers a ride?” I asked trying to redirect the conversation before he tried to press for more information.

“I’d hardly call you a stranger. If you haven’t noticed you and Allison have been the talk of the school the entire day, besides I’m a friend of Allison, what kind of person would I be if I left her ‘sister’ walk around on a highway alone…at 11 at night…” He explained ending with a slightly confused and suspicious tone at the end.

I cleared my throat quickly and said “Thanks for the ride Stiles.” as he pulled into my driveway. “I can’t thank you enough, really.”

“No problem. See you at school tomorrow. Oh and Jane? You should probably get that cut checked out, it looks pretty nasty.” Stiles said trying to be helpful.

“Oh right.” I said touching my cheek gingerly, “Thanks. See you tomorrow.” I said as he started to pull out of the driveway. I watched him drive away til I couldn’t see him anymore before walking inside as quiet as possible. I didn’t want to have to explain why I was out for so long, let alone tell them about the fact that there are werewolves here. My bet was that they knew and that’s why we moved here but I didn’t want to get pulled into all of this.

“Jane?! Jane is that you?” I heard Chris call from the living room the second I closed the door.

I sighed my wish obviously not coming true and responded, “Yeah Chris, It’s me.” tiredly, running my hand through my hair, assuming that it fell out when I got attacked.
“Where the hell have you been? Allison said you left for your run almost 4 hours ago!” He exclaimed worriedly walking out of the living room to see me.

“Jane?” Allison called from the top of the stairs, “What- Oh my god! Are you okay? You looked like you were attacked or something!” She gushed once she got a look at me. Allison was in front of me in no time, looking at my cheek.

“What happened Jane?” Chris asked curiously, giving me a suspicious look walking closer to us, hands in his pocket, taking in my dirt and heavy scrapped figure.

“It’s nothing” I sighed heavily “I’m sorry I just lost track of time I guess.”

“Obviously it’s not nothing Jane.” He pressed motioning to the gash on my cheek.

“I just tripped and fell. I’ll be fine, I just need some sleep. I’m exhausted, can we talk about this tomorrow?” I asked.
Chris nodded reluctantly still not completely convinced. “Night Girls” He said kissing us both on the forehead.

“Night” We mumbled in unison, making our way upstairs.

“So you gonna tell me what really happened?” Allison asked from my bathroom door. One thing that was an advantage to us moving was we each got our own bathrooms in our bedroom.

“That is what happened Allison” I lied guilty, while gently dapping my cut with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.

“Alright.” Allison said unsurely, “Night Jane.”

“Goodnight” I said. Once she left my bedroom, I sighed placing down the cloth and stared at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was disheveled and caked in mud and leaves; my body in a similar position. I hated lying to her but she wasn’t ready to know the truth just yet. I started the shower desperately needing one. Looking at my body in the mirror once more I took in the damage to the rest of my body. I was covered in small cuts and bruises. There were only three big things that would take awhile to heal but other than that I was intact. I slowly stepped into the shower letting the hot water relax my muscles and clear my mind. I attempted to relax and clean off my body but one thought kept creeping in ‘Who was this Beta? And why didn’t the Alpha attack him, he could have easily taken him down…’

The rest of the night was as restless as my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about those blue eyes that were haunting my dreams. I kept having the same dream, but it was almost a nightmare at the same time. Every time I closed my eyes the same thing would pop up.

I was sprinting through the forest, my breath ragged. It wasn’t the same as today though. It was different somehow. Yeah I was terrified but something was strange about this situation. I heard a loud angry growl from behind me, closing in quickly. I grabbed an arrow from the holder that was smacking against my back as I continued to run. I snapped the arrow into my bow and spun around quickly ready to fire. But he wasn’t behind me anymore. I attempted to steady my breathing as I spun around in place quickly; keeping my ears sharp for any sound that would give his position away. The sound of heavy breathing from behind made me spin quickly firing as I did so. I heard a blood chilling howl of pain, letting me know I hit my target. But that didn’t stop it. I was quickly pinned to the ground, those terrifying red eyes in my face, murder clear in its face. It snarled at me raising its claws to slit my throat. But suddenly the eyes weren’t red. They were blue. His blue eyes. Just like that I wasn’t afraid anymore. Instead he wasn’t preparing to strike me, he was stroking my cheek. I felt secure, happy almost. Then…my alarm went off.
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