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Chapter Four

“Jane!” I heard a voice call from behind me as I made my way to lunch.

I spun around while continuing to walk backwards, “Yes Stiles.” I said simply.

“How are you doing? You know after last night.” Stiles asked gesturing to the gash on my left cheek and minor cuts and bruises covering my body.

“Um, alright thanks. Tired and sore but alright. Klutzy me, right?” I lied, trying to laugh it off. In truth I was in a whole hell of a lot of pain. I had a nasty black bruise wrapping around my back where I hit the tree. My ankle was throbbing but nothing I couldn’t wave people off with a stupid explanation if they noticed my minor limp. “Thanks again for the ride, honestly.” I said genuinely smiling.

“No problem.” Stiles smiled in return.

“Hey Jane, Stiles…” Scott McCall said walking up to us.

“Scott.” I nodded acknowledging his presence.

“Stiles, can I talk to you…alone?” Scott pressed looking at my confused expression briefly, “Sorry Jane but you know…guy stuff…” He tried to explain lamely.

Stiles nodded quickly and allows himself be dragged away by Scott with a, “See you later.”

“Sure.” I hesitated curiosity clear in my voice. I liked Scott he seemed like a good kid and Allison definitely liked him but there was something off about him. Whatever secret he was keeping
he was doing a very poor job at it.


Several weeks had passed since the attack. My bruise was healing but at a slow rate. It was now a dark greenish-yellow color wrapping around my entire back. I took my hair out of its ponytail and fluffed my curls as my study hall teacher dismissed our class out early no longer able to handle our restlessness since it was last period. I sighed as I turned the corner to my locker and came to a complete stop at the sight in front of me. One of Allison’s friends, Jackson, was pinned against a locker by the neck by a familiar looking man. The man had his back to me so I only saw his black short hair that was spiked and strong body yet he looked abnormally pale from this angle, like he was sick. I snapped out of my shock and yelled at loud ‘Hey!’ at him to get him off of Jackson and jogged towards them. The man loosened his grasp on Jackson and turned to look at me briefly. His hazel-gray blue eyes met mine for a moment, almost making me stop short. His eyes, they were so familiar, but where had I seen them before? He looked away quickly, confusion in his eyes, leaning in closer to Jackson before crushing his face in more and stumbling away quickly.

“Are you okay?” I asked Jackson as I reached him.

“Fine.” He growled angrily, holding his neck.

I looked around but saw the man nowhere in sight. I glanced at
Jackson one last time I walked off quickly in the direction the man stumbled off towards. I burst through one of the schools back door and only to be welcomed by the loud blaring of car horns. I looked around trying to see what was going on to see Scott and Stiles kneeling over the man that cornered Jackson, talking heatedly. The man looked like he was about to pass out from the pain when Scott and Stiles suddenly grabbed him and helped him into Stiles car roughly.

I started towards them when Stiles drove away speedily and Allison came up to Scott talking briefly. Scott kissed her on the cheek quickly and ran off to his bike as I approached them.

“What was that about?” I asked Allison clearly confused,

“I have no idea…” She responded just as confused, “See you at home?”

“Yeah.” I breathed, “I just have to get a few things first. Thought I’d give you and Scott some ‘home alone’ time.” I winked walking back towards the school to get my books.

As I walked by Jackson’s locker to get to my own I stopped short. His locker had a small indent in it from where his head once was. I traced my hand over it lightly before noticing something on the floor. I bent down to get a closer look. It was a deep red, the color of blood. I put my fingers down to touch it briefly confirming my thoughts.

‘What the hell?’ I thought to myself as I rubbed my blood covered fingers together curiously. Something was off about this town. I looked up and down the halls before getting up from my crouch wiping the blood on my dark washed jeans. I continued on my way still thinking about before. This man seemed so familiar but I couldn’t place where I had seen him before. Despite the snarl on his face you could tell he was scared by the look hidden deep within his eyes. But what perplexed me the most was the blood on the floor. No matter how hard I thought about it I couldn’t remember either of them bleeding.

By the time I had made it home from all my errands, I was running late for dinner. Helena wasn’t going to be happy with me, she hated when people were late for dinner.

“I’m home!” I called from the door, dropping my stuff off there, deciding I’d grab it later, “Sorry I’m late. I had to catch up on some stuff…” I trailed off once I walked into the dining room, seeing Scott eating dinner with the family looking completely terrified.

“It’s fine.” Helena started, surprising me, “You’re here now.”

I nodded slowly still confused as to why Scott was here but plopped down in the only open seat left, next the Chris’ sister Kate.

“Jane, you know Scott right?” Chris said to me, with his protective father tone going on, “I found him and Allison ‘sneaking around’ in the garage...” He smiled slyly.

“Yeah I know him. Hey Scott.” I said smiling sadly at him and Allison who were looking away embarrassedly.

“Jane.” He said clearing his throat quickly. Scott excused himself quickly to use the restroom after an awkward silence.

“Really Dad?” Allison challenged once Scott was out of ear shot.

“What?” He said trying the innocent act.

“Come on Chris, give them a break. Allison is allowed to have a little fun in her life, she needs it. Besides they both really like each other!” I said, supporting her.

“Jane!” Allison screeched at me, her face flamed in embarrassment.

“What?” I laughed, Chris and Helena joining in at her reaction.

The rest of dinner was awful, I felt horrible for Scott. The poor boy was cornered, drilled with questions, and clearly held longer than he wished. After dessert I helped the others clear the table as Allison walked Scott to the door.

“They really are cute together you know.” I said smiling slightly trying to distract Chris from prying on them from the kitchen. “She’s happy with him. Isn’t that all that matters?” I continued.

“Of course but-” Chris started but was cut off by the front door shutting firmly. We both turned to look to see Kate cornering a confused Scott and mortified Allison.

“What are you talking about?” Chris asked walking up next to his sister.

“My bag was open in the guest room and when I left it was shut. Then Scott comes in to use the bathroom, he leaves, bags open.” Kate explained smiling almost.

“He didn’t-” Allison started but was cut off by Kate chuckling out “Something was taken from my bag. Now look I hate to be the accuser here cause I really do love those adorable brown eyes but I don’t know if you’re a klepto, if you’re curious or-or if your just stupid. But answer the question. What did you take?”

“Nothing, I swear.” Scott stumbled, panic on his face

“You don’t mind proving it do you?” Kate challenged

“Are you serious?” Allison gasped angrily.

“How ‘bout you show us what’s in your pockets?” Kate continued

“Dad!” Allison exclaimed just as I said “Alright enough Kate. The kid did nothing, leave him alone.” getting between them meeting her hard stare

“Stay of this Jane. For once in your life stand with your family.” She muttered angrily.

“Quit ruining everyone’s happiness Kate. You know he didn’t take anything.” I retorted.

“And he can prove it by emptying his pockets” She stated turning her cold eyes towards him, “come on Scott. Prove me wrong.”

“Look ill prove you wrong. It wasn’t Scotts going through your bags, it was me.” Allison rushed out quickly, pulling me back.

“You?” Kate stated.

“Me.” Allison said confidently pulling a condom out of her pocket. Both Scotts and my eyes widened while Kate stifled a laugh and turned to face Chris’ stern face.

“Alight, you need to leave.” Chris said firmly pushing Scott out the door, “and you. Go to your room. We will finish this talk later.” Directing Allison towards the stairs, refusing to allow the two to say goodnight to each other.

“Here Scott let me give you a ride home.” I offered feeling awful, while walking him to his bike.

“No really it’s fine.” Scott tried to protest but I cut him off by saying, “Scott. Get in.” forcefully.

“Fine.” Scott sighed grabbing his bike and putting it in my trunk. “This is gonna sound weird but can you actually just take me to the Veterinary Office. I work there and forgot something I need for tonight the other day.”

“Yeah sure.” I said climbing into my Grand Cherokee and starting it quickly. After a few minutes of silence I said, “I truly am sorry about dinner. Kate has always been a maniac. But to Chris and Helena, Allison is their sweet and innocent baby girl and she always will be in their minds.” I tried to explain to him.

“Yeah I understand. I care a lot about her too.” He smirked but still sounded panicked and antsy.

“So what did you say you left here again?” I asked as we pulled into the parking lot.

“I didn’t.” Scott threw out quickly before running out of the car,
not even thanking me or closing the door.

“What the hell?” I asked myself and turned off the car ready to follow him. I slammed my door closed and his before jogging into the dark Office after him. “Scott?” I called into the dark, “Scott what the hell…” I asked following the voices but trailed off when I saw a very peculiar scene in front of me.

“Jane?” Stiles and Scott asked confused as I walked in. I didn’t acknowledge them but merely kept my eyes on the third man in the room. It was the man from the school, except he looked even worse than before. His hair even more messed up and his eyes had a pained wild look in them. Suddenly the man’s eyes started to flutter as he passed out, dropping something as he did so.

“No-No-No!” Scott stuttered diving after it.

“Oh my god!” I panicked running to the man, crouching next to him placing my hand on his chest over his heart to make sure it was still beating.

“Derek!” Stiles asked smacking the man’s cheeks, “Come on wake up! Scott what are we going to do?!”

“What the bloody hell is going on you two?!” I asked clearly panicking.

“I don’t know! I can’t reach it!” Scott yelled back, trying his hardest to reach whatever the man, Derek dropped from the floor vent.

“He’s not waking up!” Stiles said voice rising with each word, “I think he’s dying! I think he’s dead!”

“Just hold on!” Scott yelled angrily. After a few seconds Scott yelled, “I got it! I got it!”

“Please don’t kill me for this” Stiles mumbled raising his fist.

“Stiles!” I shrieked grabbing his arm to stop him, “What are you doing?!”

“Hopefully saving his life!” Stiles returned jerking his arm away from my grip and punching Derek in the face. “Ow! God! Jesus!” Stiles yelped in pain once he did. Derek jerked awake, and allowed me to help him up without really knowing what was going on. Before anyone said anything he bit a bullet open pouring out its contents. After lighting it on fire he placed it on his arm that had a bullet wound on it. I didn’t even notice it until now but it seemed to have poisoned his blood stream by the looks of it causing spider wed looking dark red lines to come out from around it. He yelled in pain collapsing to the floor. I went to bend down near him but Scott grabbed my arm stopping me just as a familiar growl of pain ripped through Derek’s throat. In that second I knew what he was.

“That was…AWESOME! YES!” Stiles shouted excitedly, causing both Scott and I to give him strange looks.

“Are you okay?” Scott asked.

“Despite the agonizing pain…” Derek retorted frustratedly standing up from the ground.

“Guess the ability to use sarcasm hasn’t left at all.” Stiles muttered. Derek looked up for the first time at him angrily. Finally noticing I was there, in the blink of an eye, I was pinned down on the metal table his hand around my throat. His face was close to mine and I could hear him growling from the back of his throat, his legs keeping mine in place.

“Who are you?” Derek growled angrily. Scott and Stiles both grabbed at his shoulder trying to pry him off of me.

“J-Jane!” I gasped my hand grasping his tightly, “I’m a friend.” I managed to stutter out.

“Man! Let her go!” Scott and Stiles both yelled at him finally able to get him off of me. I stood up leaning against the table for support, rubbing my throat. Scott had one arm pressed against Derek’s chest stopping him from making any other moves, while Stiles checked to see if I was okay. I nodded slowly head still down, my hair covering my face as I gasped for breath.

“What the hell is your problem?” Stiles questioned.

“Who is she? How do you know she can be trusted?” Derek questioned back angrily.

“My name is Jane. Jane Seymour.” I finally said looking up and staring him directly in the eye. “I’m a friend of those two.” Motioning to the boys.

“I got that.” Derek snarled getting in my face, “But how do we know we can trust you?”

“Because I know what you are.” I said stunning Scott and Stiles, “Both of you.” I continued looking directly at Scott this time.
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