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Chapter Six

“Jane, where do you think you’re going? We’re not done here.” My boyfriend, Vincent, yelled grapping my forearm roughly pulling me back to him.

“Get off of me Vince! You’re hurting me!” I cried out in pain, struggling against his grip.

“You leave when I say you can!” Vincent growled, struggling to keep himself calm.

“You can’t control me Vincent. I’m not your toy. What the hell has gotten into you lately?! Ever since you became the Alpha-” I started, finally getting out of his grip.

“Don’t make this about that! How dare you make this about that! I became the Alpha for you!” He yelled at me getting in my face.

“I never asked you to!” I yelled back, pushing him away from me, “When did you ever get the impression that I wanted you to become the Alpha?! It’s dangerous to be around you now! Your behavior is completely erratic. You told me that you never wanted to be it, that it was too much work and you seen what it did to people, it makes them psychotic!” Vincent’s breathing became heavier as he closed his eyes, struggling not to transform.
“I can’t do this anymore! That’s it, we’re done! Goodbye Vincent.” I stated storming towards my house.

I was halfway to the front door when I heard a furious growl as he started to turn. I turned around slowly, just in time to see Vincent’s body slowly forming into a large animal. I could hear his bones popping and snapping violently as they repositioned themselves into the monster he has become. He looked nothing like he used to as a Beta, his whole body was different and his face was vicious and angry. No evidence that it was Vincent was evident. Suddenly he let out a loud blood curling howl and sprinted towards me. I was too shocked to make a noise. I ran backwards for a few steps before turning around and stumbled towards my house.

My family had no idea about Vincent. If they did I would have been sent to another country. Not only was he a boy, and being an only child I wasn’t allowed to date, but he was a werewolf. They were hunters, they killed werewolves. They didn’t like to but the job has been passed down for generations. It came with the name and they expected me to take over.

They must have heard the ruckus that we were causing and sprinted out of the front door, guns at the ready. My mom had a shotgun while my dad used a bow. It was the only weapon he liked to use.

“Dad, No!” I shouted at him but it was too late he had already shot at the Alpha that was once Vincent. I finally made up my front porch steps and made it into my mother’s arms as the Alpha let out a howl of pain. I looked up to see him, limping away but not before he transformed back to human and gave me a death glare, his eyes still glowing red.


I woke up in a sweat, my breathe coming out in pants. I hadn’t had that dream for a few months. The only sad part is it wasn’t just a dream, it’s how the death of my parents started. A soft knock at my door pulled my attention away from my thoughts. I stood up shakily and walked over to the door to answer it. When I opened the door I saw a sympathetic Allison looking back at me.

“Was I yelling again?” I asked softly, looking down at the ground.

“Yeah,” She replied softly as well. Allison pulled me into a hug, stroking my hair. A few tears fell from my eyes as I hugged her back. I didn’t want this to start again. My retched nightmares had just stopped; I was finally sleeping through the night. Allison led me to my bed and we climbed in together. She used to sleep with me when the dreams got really bad. She wasn’t my sister but I thought of her as one. I would never let anything happen to her, even if it would kill me. Just like I knew she would do the same for me. We needed each other for moral support. After awhile we feel asleep in a comfortable silence.


“Jane…” I woke up to a soft voice saying, shaking me slightly.

“Mhmmm…?” I moaned not wanting to wake up.

“School…unless you wanted to take the day off, we could stay in and watch movies?” The voice said again.

I finally opened my eyes to see Allison sitting on the side of my bed still in her PJS. I thought for a moment and decided that I probably wasn’t in the best emotional state to go to school.

“Thanks Ally,” I said nodding, “I really need this.”

“No problem. I’ll go tell mom.” She said, leaving the room.
I sat in bed for a few more minutes before slowly getting up and heading to the shower. I stood in the shower for what felt like hours not wanting to get out. I finally cleaned up and got out reluctantly. I changed into some sweats, sports bra and baggy t-shirt before meeting Allison downstairs. I laughed when I saw her, seeing she had the same idea I did, she even had her hair in a high messy bun as I did. She looked up from the breakfast she was cooking us and chuckled as well.

“Great minds think alike.” She laughed placing the cheesy eggs and home fries she made me on the island/bar we have in the center of the kitchen. “So care to tell me what happened last night?” she asked sitting down next to me, eating her own breakfast, “You were out really late. I thought you only went to drop Scott off, did something happen?”

“Nothing happened with Scott Ally, you know I would never do that to you.” I said, slightly shocked she would even suggest that, “I just had some car trouble.” I lied going back to eating.

“You’re lying.” Allison scoffed shockingly, “Why is everyone keeping things from me all of a sudden?!” She said standing up quickly.

“Allison wait.” I called jogging after her, “It’s nothing like that I swear. I’m just going through some stuff and needed to get away for a few hours. That dinner just reminded me of my family for some reason.” I lied again, this time hoping she’d buy it. Allison stopped in her tracks when I mentioned my family. Knowing it was a sore spot, especially after the ‘episode’ I had last night.
She turned to scan my face quickly before walking towards me and giving me a hug. “I’m sorry I doubted you. I know you’ll tell me when you’re ready it’s just, I feel like everyone is lying to me, or keeping this big secret that I’m the only one that doesn’t know about it…”

I pulled away from the hug and said, “You’re just being paranoid. But if they are, I’m sure they will tell you when they are ready too. Just like I will.” Allison smiled and nodded and we made our way back to the kitchen to finish eating. The rest of the day resorted in sappy chick-flicks that made us feel better.
It was around 3 in the afternoon when the door bell rang. Allison had fallen asleep in the middle of our movie, ‘The Notebook’. I paused the movie and walked slowly to the door to answer the movie. Chris was still at work and Helena had been out all day running errands. I opened the door to see Scott McCall, holding a bunch of paperwork.

“Scott?” I asked confused.

“Hey, I noticed you and Allison were out today and thought I’d grab your homework.” He explained lamely.

I nodded and said, “Come on in.” moving out of his way. I closed the door and turned to look at him before saying, “Yeah, I wasn’t feeling too well so Allison stayed home today to accompany me.”
“Yeah, I figured as much. Look I’m sorry about Derek, he can be a total ass sometimes…actually all of the time. But he had no right to accuse you and Allison of doing such horrible things.” Scott said trying to comfort me, “If it makes you feel better, I think Derek feels a little bad about it all.”

I scoffed not believing him, “Yeah right. Anyway, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone about what happened.”

Scott nodded before looking around curiously. I smirked at his reaction and said, “Allison is asleep in the TV room if you wanted to go see her.”

Scott blushed but nodded handing me the homework he brought over for us. I shook my head and headed upstairs to give them some privacy. I walked into my room closing the door behind me not paying attention to anything but the homework in my hands. When I looked up for the first time, I let out a yelp of surprise. Not expecting to see who was standing in front of my now open bay window.
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