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Status: Active

Mistakes and Misunderstandings

Everyone’s heard the saying, Karma’s a bitch, but very few people have heard the very similar saying, rehab’s a bitch; lesser known phrase, but just as true.

Rylii spent six months in rehab, going to counseling for drug and alcohol abuse to begin with, but then she wasn’t “socializing enough with the other patients” so she had to go to counseling for that too. Not that it did any good; now that she's out, Rylii's back to her former state of trusting very few people. Those very few people were only two people: her brother Craig, and boyfriend Max. She always stays close to one of them, or locked herself away somewhere. She barely speaks anymore, unless singing with her band, and her smile is even more rare.

The Last Leaf is now on tour with Escape the Fate and several other bands. But just as things are beginning to look up, mistakes are made and old habits are picked up again. Rylii and Max's relationship is pushed to the limit, and other relationships are misunderstood. Will things manage to work themselves out again, or is this the end of everything?