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Another Year at Hogwarts

“If you really want to help then don’t EVER return!” Those were the words Snape had said to Violet Bell before she returned to her own world, and it was an order Violet Bell intended to keep. After her experience in the wizardry world of Harry Potter, Violet hopes that this summer will different and that she will have a Harry-Potter-free summer. Unfortunately, with her younger sister's new obsession with Harry Potter (specifically Draco Malfoy), along with a trip to England to visit her Aunt Helena and Uncle Frank, things won't exactly turn out the way Violet had hoped.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter cast, nor to I own the events that JK Rowling had created. I do, however, own any original characters and plot.
  1. Chapter One: Aunt Helena
  2. Chapter Two: Aunt Helena’s Surprise
  3. Chapter Three: An Encounter in London
  4. Chapter Four: Waking up to a Nightmare
  5. Chapter Five: Rebirth
  6. Chapter Six: A Desperate Plea
  7. Chapter Seven: A Morning Full of Surprises
  8. Chapter Eight: The Private Lessons with Snape Continues
  9. Chapter Nine: No More Hogwarts
  10. Chapter Ten: Not Again
  11. Chapter Eleven: Role to Play
  12. Chapter Twelve: Faced with Nothing
  13. Chapter Thirteen: In Too Deep
  14. Chapter Fourteen: We’re Off to Find a Weasley
  15. Chapter Fifteen: To Convince a Weasley, One Must be Themselves
  16. Chapter Sixteen: Never Let you Go
  17. Chapter Seventeen: Snatchers
  18. Chapter Eighteen: Xenophilus Lovegood
  19. Chapter Nineteen: A Close Encounter
  20. Chapter Twenty: What’s Best for Draco
  21. Chapter Twenty-One: A Trip to the Dungeon
  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: The Point of no Return
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three: The Only Way to Settle Things
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four: Unraveled
  25. Chapter Twenty-Five: Visitors at Malfoy Manor
  26. Chapter Twenty-Six: A Lesson in Torture
  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: Deaths
  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Girl who Lived
  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Story of Scarlet Angel
  30. Chapter Thirty: Goodbye, Harry Potter
  31. Chapter Thirty-One: Glad to See You
  32. Chapter Thirty-Two: Hunting Down Neville
  33. Chapter Thirty-Three: A Strange Breakup
  34. Chapter Thirty-Four: Preparing for War
  35. Chapter Thirty-Five: Harry Potter has Come to Hogwarts
  36. Chapter Thirty-Six: Voldemort’s March
  37. Chapter Thirty-Seven: Victoria no More
  38. Chapter Thirty-Eight: Reunited
  39. Chapter Thirty-Nine: Fall of the Dark Lord
  40. Chapter Forty: Home