A Moonlit ***

A murder in a small town by an unknown stranger reeks havoc for all. The strange thing is that this murder isn't the first of its kind in this town. The older members of this town have reason to believe that the muderer is someone lying within the cracks of the system and a near and dear friend whom they'd thought left the town fifteen years ago after he had taken his first victim.
  1. The First Night
    It all started about three years ago when the citizens of Franktown became skeptical, as if they knew something big was about to happen. The air became thinner and everyone secluded themselves from friends and family.
  2. The Ongoing Investigation
    Police look further into the *** trying to figure out why there was no body and to question local citizens.
  3. The Dying Debate
    Kathy, one of the detectives on the case, finds information on Michale Rubank.
  4. A Visit With Mr. Rubank
    Dave and Kathy go topay Mr. Rubank a visit at his current residence.
  5. The Search for Dale Barnes
    Kathy and Dave go on a wild goose chase to find Dale Barnes.
  6. Finding Jaime Abrhams
    Detective Dave and Kathy go in search of Jaime Abrhams or more formerly known as Hallie Gates,