A Moonlit ***

Finding Jaime Abrhams

"Yes Kathy."
"We still need to find Jaime."
"So? We don't know her new identity, where she's at or anything."
"Lucky for you Mr. Rubank didn't hide Jaime's files very well."
"You'r point being?"
"I took them and her new name is Hallie Gates."
"We still don't know where she is."
"She has four credit cards made out to her name as Hallie and we're in Florida, she's on her way to Chicago. She is going to have to make some charges."
"Okay, I'm going to trust you on this one."
"Eric, yeah, I'm going to need you to look up any charges made from here to Chicago by the name of Hallie Gates, even plane tickets."
"Alright, I'll get right on it."

"Yeah, Dave. I found something."
"Okay, go on."
"Hallie Gates bought a three hundred dollar, one way ticket to Chicago O'Hare and booked a hotel, it's a Hyatt in Grenada Illinois, just outside of Chicago."
"Thanks Eric."
"Yeah, no problem."
"So, what'd he say?"
"Kathy, we're going to Illinois for about two days."
"Two trips in one day, had I've known this job would be so damn tiring I wouldn't have taken it."
"You still would've."

"That was the longest plane ride I've ever taken."
"Ahhhh . . . I thought it was refreshing."
"That's because you slept."
"Hey, don't be pointing that finger at me unless you plan on using it. I'm the one who did all the driving."
"Still, I'm the one who did alot of the research."
"True, lets just find Jaime and get home."

"Hello sir, and welcome to the Hyatt in Grenada Illinois. My name is Dustin, how can I help you?"
"We need to know what room Hallie Gates is in."
"Is she expecting you?"
"Not exactly."
"Then I'm sorry I ca-"
Before Dustin could answer the two detectives flashed their badges,
"Oh, alright. Ms. Gates is in room 202. Is ther anything else I can help you with?"
"No. Thank you."

"Hallie Gates open the door!"
The detectives pushed their way into her room,
"I'm sorry? Can I help you two rude, insolents?"
"Yes Hallie, or should I say Jaime, you can."
"How do you know my name?"
"Dave, let me handle this one."
"We are the two detectives assigned to your murder case. We know about everything."
"You do?"
"Yes, we do. So why did you do it?"
"My mom has always pushed me into making music apart of my life, now, don't get me wrong, I love playing, and performing music but I don't want to do it anymore. When I told my mother that she hit me and told me what an ungreatful little brat I was, so I thought that if I were dead everything would just dissappear."
"Well," Kathy pulled something from her coat, "If you're going to be dead, you may as well have the records you deserve."
"So you're not going to tell my mom that I'm alive?"
"No sweetie, you want to start over, so we'll let you."
"Thank you."
Kathy stiffened her posture and began to speak in a slightly arrogant, but deceiving tone, "Ms. Gates, we're awfully sorry for disrupting your evening, all the luck to you in the city."
"It's alright, and thank you."
"You're welcome. Have a nice evening Ms. Gates."
"You too detectives."
And with that the two detectives left the room and I never heard from either one of them ever again.

What happened to my mother you ask? The detectives told her that they never found my body and that I was indeed dead but nothing more was told to her. Unfourtunately, about three months after the case was closed my mother committed suicide. It was a gun to the head plus an overdose. Christina Dransfeld was coaxed into counseling and finally after a relentless amount of tries remembered who she was. Her and her mother were living in harmony once again, but sadly her mother died a very short while after Christina came home. She had a stroke and was put into the hospital, about three weeks later she died of natural causes.
Dale Barnes was sent to trial and found guilty. He now faces twenty five to life with no parole.
I, however, met a man, we are in love and are engaged. Our wedding is in a month. More good news, I'm pregnant with twins, girls the doctor says, and am due in three months. All the more luck to me in the city.