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A Little Piece of Heaven

When you wake up finding yourself in a room that is so different from your normal surroundings, the first thought that goes through your head isn’t the thought of terror - its you saying to yourself ‘how much did I drink last night?’. But that wasn’t really my case, I knew I had reasons to feel terrified. When your kidnapped once in your life, you know when to be scared or weary of your surroundings. But most people, don’t think clear enough to realize the danger they are in. Their brain blocks it out and all they can think about was what happened the night they were taken, not me, I think of how I’m going to get myself out of the mess.

My name is Evy, no not pronounced like Ivy, E-V. That’s how you say my name. This is a story of my life, really. It is a story of how I was kidnapped by Shadows -lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold-, and how I fell so deeply in love with this broken, confused, and somewhat abusive man. But this isn’t only my story, its his as well. His story about why he fell of me and how in the hell he’s going to get himself out of it.

Whether our lives become the perfect love story is not the case, it’s the time we spend together in between and how I might just loose my life trying to get back to it.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Avenged Sevenfold members, but I do own the other characters. I would very my appreciate it if you left them to me. Thank you and please enjoy the story.

Title credit goes to Avenged Sevenfold