Status: {Supernatural} Adam Milligan One-Shot.

Stop the Whole World

Word Count: 2,032
Song Fic: "Monster" - Paramore
Contest: here & here

Adam sneaks out late to talk with his long time girlfriend, Katrina, about urgent news while his two brothers, Sam and Dean, are researching and trying to put an end to a case. Sam told him that if he wants to hunt with them that he had to leave everything from his old life behind him, and that included Katrina; he couldn't do that, at least not without telling her the truth about his recently discovered life. Adam is putting both of their lives in danger going out in the night, but that never crossed his mind until it was all too late...


Disclaimer/Spoiler: I do not own Supernatural or Adam Milligan. In the series, Adam is deceased, but this if the ghouls hadn't taken his life in the episode "Jump the Shark."
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