Status: Complete!

We'll Tell The Saddest Story Of How We Made It Through This Past Year.


Almost a year after a unexpected love affair that almost gets them killed and leaves them the legal guardians of a beautiful little girl named Sammie, Alex and Jack are ready to adopt another baby. In order to do this, they must pass a three month's trial basis with the two year old child.

Its hard enough being a gay couple, but the added factor of their touring lifestyle doesn't make people huge believers. Taking two little girls on tour isn't an easy thing to do, but in order to prove to the judges that they are parents first and rock stars second, they must do it. But things began to go astray when another band (with a band member who is secretly in love with one of the boys) is suddenly added to their line up. The band and crew is already feeling the strain, but a series of events leave Alex and Jack wondering if they were really cut out to be parents - and if they were really cut out to be with each other.

Can they pull themselves together for Sammie and Gabby's sake, or will they lose everything they'd been fighting for over the last year?

Sequel to I Know You've Got Your Life In Place But I've Yet To Take The Hint