Always Remembered


Looking at the gravestone, Peter couldn't help the thoughts that ran through his head. It was ten years to the day since his saviour had been killed. But it was also ten years since he himself was saved. Hearing the streets become quiet as everyone remembered the events of that horrible day. The towers crashing as people jumped from them. Peter had been lucky to survive the twin towers crashing down with him inside, but Jasper had saved his life at the expense of his own.

"Thank you," Peter spoke into the wind, feeling it pick up as it rushed around his thin body. A smile formed on his face he knew it was Jasper. He could feel it in his heart and although the other man was no longer living his own life on earth, Peter could feel him always by his side, looking out for him like a guardian angel.

As the streets filled with noise once again, Peter stood up, leaving the graveyard. Knowing he would return again the same time the following year and every year after that until he was like Jasper and no longer walking on earth.
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Comments would be appreciated. Although this event in history did not affect my family personally I have heard the stories of people whose lives it did affect and this is what inspired this drabble along with the prompt.