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It All Ended With a Deal

Its a few months after the band up and disappeared, the girls all parted ways for a little break, and are now back in the house ready to sell some drugs and STAY OUT of trouble. Adrian can't stop remembering Tom and would rather NOT. And Skye just wants to see Bill again...but is it safe to do so? And what is she willing to risk to see him? When the boys just come strolling back in their lives without warning and asking for A BIGASS favor, can they keep themselves sane? Or will they crack under the pressure? Who knows...but one thing is for sure...

It's All Gonna End With A Deal.

**OH read the character list so you can properly imagine how the characters look.

We do not own Tokio Hotel, only the idea and the characters:)

BTW, this is co-written by Ash The Bash so if you See MONKEIII-FAYISH by every chapter its because we're not technology saavy. Basically Ash The Bash wrote Adrians parts and, MONKEIII-FAYISH wrote Skye's parts:) enjoiii