‹ Prequel: That's What You Get.

To Love And Back.

Andy and John are finally together after almost a year full of issues [you need to read the prequel to know about this!]. They're both happy and in love, and their college life is going great. Everything seems to be perfect, but will their relationship stay the same when everything around them seem to want them apart?

Other Charachters:
*Kennedy Brock
*Rebecca James
*Garrett Nickelsen
*Erin Porter
*Chris Forbes

Title Credit: To Love And Back - This Century
  1. Do It To Me
    “I won’t let you down I’ve waited for you here”
  2. All We Know
    "It takes some time to let you go and it shows"
  3. Ready Or Not
    “Here I come, you can't hide, gonna find you and take it slowly”
  4. She's Killing Me
    “She has a way of turning sunshine into rain”
  5. Bite My Tongue
    “I try to bring you down but our level isn’t good enough”
  6. Happy The Hard Way
    “The comfort in silence turns to panic once again”
  7. You'll Never Know
    “I never stick, so how'd you get me stuck in this?”
  8. What Do You Want From Me?
    “It messed me up, need a second to breathe”
  9. Thinking Of You
    “There you were, inside my brain”
  10. Tell Me A Lie
    “Well, I put up a good fight but your words cut like knives”
  11. Monster
    “We started drowning, not like we'd sink any further”
  12. Turn The Page
    “You smoke the day's last cigarette, rememberin' what she said”
  13. Wish You Away
    “Where do you go when you listen to nobody else but yourself?”
  14. Another Perfect Day
    "I still believe it when you say, it's another perfect day"