Put Your Lovin' on Me



"Lucie," I stopped, looking up at the red door I had attempted to approach. Professor Gubler stood there, smiling from ear to ear. To my surprise, he wasn't dressed in his normal attire. The beater and sweats threw me off a little. "I'm delighted you decided to come over. I know how odd it must be for a teacher to invite a student over, but I- I just thought you should take a look at your exam."

If only he knew how long I've wanted this day to come.

I smiled weakly, looking down at the ground, "I completely understand your reasoning for inviting me over. Failing the exam would take a big chunk out of my grade, and I definitely don't need that."

He chuckled, ushering me inside.

"Your exam is my bag in the kitchen. You are more than welcome to help yourself while I make a few phone calls."

Nodding, I sat my things down, making my way to the kitchen. I didn't see his bag. Several papers were scattered across the table, but there was no bag.

"Uh, Professor," I shook my head, turning around to go find this man, but as I did, I was face to face with my teacher. He was standing so close for comfort, but I seemed to not have that much a problem with it. "I- Your bag isn't in here, sir. Perhaps you left it somewhere else." I licked my lips, trying to take deep breaths to slow my breathing. "Maybe we should go find it."

He pushed me back against the table, knocking the papers on the floor. I didn't have the time to worry about that, thought. I was too busy reeling from the pressure of his body, from the heat between his legs and the heat between my own.

"Oh, god," He panted, planting soft kissed on my neck, "I've wanted to do this for so long," His hand made it's way up my skirt. "It's all I've thought about since you step foot in my classroom."

He angled his fingers against the tight fabric of the lace, that I had yet to remove, pressing them inside me as much as he could, sliding in and out. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't stop my hips from from moving with his hand, making him go deeper. Sensing my urgency and feeding his own, he began pushing hard and harder. Grabbing him around the waist with my arms, I pulled him even closer, my hands and hips combining efforts to fill myself with his fingers. I knew how empty I had felt before until now, and I wasn't anywhere near satisfied.

The thrusting of his hands began to be mirrored by the thrusting of his hips, reminding me that he needed a bit of relief himself. I shoved my hand between out bodies despite the miniscule amount of space between his hips and mine. It was easy to find what I was looking for. His dick was practically bucking against his pants, huge and engorged. I grabbed it, feeling it's frustrated energy sent sparks up my arm.

My fingers tightened along the edges of his shaft, pressing in as I moved slowly up and down along it's length, revealing the perfect way my hand cupped around it. He moaned, pushing against me even harder. I picked up the speed and pressure while his fingers were just inside of me. The only movement going on was my hand on his dick and my hips against his hand. He had went still, his head resting on my shoulder.

"You alright, Professor?" Those words coming from my mouth at a time like this made me laugh a little, moving my head back so I could see his face.

He swallowed hard, "Oh, Lucie," His voice was raspy and ridged. His teeth attached themselves to my neck, moans escaping from his mouth. "I'm going to come," He managed to moan.

I grinned, not letting up, "That fine."

"No, no- I can't." He stammered out desperately, trying to manage to breathe and talk at the same time.

"Well, why not?"

"I can't- God, I can't," He rested his head against my shoulder again, "I can't stain these pants. Tess will find out what we are doing."

I blinked, stopping my movement.

What the hell did Tess have to do with this?

"Excuse me?"

Professor Gubler began mumbling all sorts of cuss words, moving back so he could look me in the eye. Whatever his explanation was, I'm sure I didn't want to hear it.

"Luc," He shook his head, looking down.

If he couldn't even look me in the eye, I sure as hell didn't expect him to come out with the truth. I shoved him back, pushing my skirt back down as I jumped off of the table. Without stopping to listen to his protests, I walked into the living room, picking up my purse and keys.

"C'mon, Lucie, just listen to me," With one hand on the door, I looked over my shoulder at him, "I probably should have told you this before, and I'm sure Tess should have told you, too." God, can't he just get to the fucking point. "We've been seeing each other since last year. But-"

I wasn't about to stand around and listen to him go on and on. And I bet I knew what he was going to say he was just using her to get to me. I suppose that could be true, but that wasn't the point. How could they do this? Well, Gubler and I weren't together, there was no reason to get back at Tess, but I have every right to be mad at him.

"I'll see you at school next year, Professor Gubler," I blinked back my tears as I let myself out of his apartment.

If I even attended the same school next year that is.


Days had went by, but those days felt like a lifetime. Lucie refused to answer her phone once she figured out my number, and I guess she moved to a different part of town. And to top all of this off, Tess found out what Lucie and I had done in the kitchen. She threatened to turn me in.

Fuck. I was so stupid.

I snapped out of my own thoughts when my phone vibrated on the table in front of me. Oh, god. This was probably another one of Tess' lectures again. Like I haven't had enough of those for the past week or so.

"Hey, Matt," It was from Lucie. I- I have just got a text from Lucie. I held my breath, preparing myself for the worst as I read on. "Um, I could completely understand if you didn't want to talk to me. It was rather bitchy of me to ignore you and tell Tess what happened. If it makes you feel any better, she hates me, too. I had to move so she would stop harassing me. But that's the point of this. I uh, wanted to meet up with you if you have time."

My heart skipped a beat, a weak smiley slowly spreading across my face.

"I'm at Starbucks. You can swing by here. I'll save a seat for you."

"Thanks! Be there in fifteen.

It took everything in me not to get up and tackle her as she walked in the door. She was just here to talk to me, not anything else.

"Hey," A smile crept upon her face as she threw her purse into the seat next to me and sat in my lap. I'll admit, I was a little taken back, but not complaining. "This was the seat you were taking about saving me, right?"

I just nodded in agreement, not sure of what to say at this point.

Lucie made sure there was no silence going on between us. I ordered her some coffee and snack, She manage to find something to talk about, even the little fun time we had with each other. This time, I was the one that blushed, making her giggle a little.

"From the sound of your voice, it sounds like you want to go for another round," I smiled up at her, eying her as my words sank in, "Am I right?" Lucie didn't need to say anything. Her eyes told me everything I needed to do. "Come on!"

I followed her as we made our way to the bathroom. Grabbing her as we got close, I shoved her against the door. She halfheartedly tried to push me off of her, but I pressed harder. She looked so damn pristine, still neat from work. Her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, her milky white neck framed perfectly by the ironed collar of her blouse. I knew what was hiding under there. The lace I had bought her.

Tugging at her hair, I released the ponytail. Her brown mane tumbled down her shoulders as she flinched a bit from the sudden tug. I covered her lips with mine before she could get any words out. I wanted to fill her up right there. I wanted my tongue in her throat, my cock in her-

"Hey!" I looked over my shoulder to find an employee standing there, angry expression on their face, "Uh, get a room. We are trying to run a business here."

Lucie laughed, throwing her head back against the door, "Mind if we use your restroom?"

The guy shrugged, "As long as you get out of the public eye, be my guest."

That was all we needed. I reached behind her, pushing the door open, sending up both tumbling in. Lucie walked away from me, starting up some chatter about her day, about her coworkers and her meeting. I tore off my tie, staring at her the entire time. She knew what she was doing. She knew all this talk was driving me up the wall.

After a while, I just couldn't take it anymore. I thrusted her against the wall, catching a whiff of her enchanting perfume as my mouth ran over her throat. My hands clawed at her shirt.

"Matt, don't tear it," She cautioned me, scrambling to open the buttons.

I beat her to it, grabbing it on both side, giving it a sharp tug. The buttons flew across the room.

"Hey! You ass- Matt, that was my-"

"I'll buy you a new one," I muttered under my breath, my hands already encircling her perfect breasts, my tongue tasting her throat, her chest, her nipples. I slid my hands around her waist, moving across her ribs to her breasts. I felt my energy, my desire, running into her.

Her neck looked so perfect, so white, so virginal that I couldn't resist. I delicately ran my tongue over it, leaving little lines of saliva in it's wake as I traced the line from clavicle to chin and back, then I bit.

"That hurt," She yelped with surprise, making me step back.

I had to smile at my handiwork. A little red circle or teeth standing out on freshly violated skin. I ran my fingers of my left hand over it, the right still gripping her breast. My left hand reached around her neck, pulling her close.

I kissed her until I could tell her hips were arching against mine. I pushed her against the wall. She started to pant, but didn't utter a word as I reached under her short skirt, pulling her underwear off. I threw them on the floor before reaching to undo my belt.

Without being told, Lucie slid down the wall so she was knelt down in front of me. I smiled, running my fully erected dick over her lips, never letting her take it into her mouth. She looked so greedy, mouth open, staring me in the eye.

"Wanna taste, doll," Nodding quickly, she took my dick into her own hands as I grabbed the back of her head with both hands. I could feel my dick pushing the back of her throat, she gagged slightly. "How do you like that?"

She answered my question by taking me deeper into her mouth.

Oh, she was so amazing.

I glanced down. Mascara was running down her cheekbones. Ah, those dirty eyes.

Finally, I couldn't take anymore. I grabbed the tops of her arms, snatching her back up to her feet, spinning her around to where she was facing the wall. My needs were turning me into any animal, and she was feeling it in return. Lucie pressed the top of her body against the wall, standing so her lower after stuck up, legs spread apart.

From here on out, there was no thought involved. Everything was degenerated to it's simplest level. Pain, pleasure, need, desire.

I positioned myself behind her, pushing her skirt up to her waist before inching into her wetness. I groaned, fisting my hand in her hair, tugging as I started up a rhythm matching her heart beat. I felt horrible for the customers out there. Lucie was loud enough for god and everyone else to hear. He had never experience anything like this. Never had he been intimate with someone like Lucie. He had never had someone that knew what they wanted.

With a quiet groan of pleasure, I slowed my thrusts to almost a complete stop, then pulling out of her, rubbing myself between her legs. Every time my dick ran along her clit, a little cry would escape as she attempted to push back against me. I felt her flinch a little as I pushed my way back into her, pounding into her. The harder I shoved, the wetter she got. My pace began to accelerate as she tightened around me. I felt like I was a machine and she was my corresponding unit; a dizzy sequence of in and out.

I could feel myself getting closer, a burning pit mixing my insides, my thrust getting a little off. Lucie manage to get up enough strength to push herself back as I gave her one last deep heave, spilling myself inside of her, tugging her head back as I let out a loud growling moan.

"Oh, my goodness," Lucie laughed, wiggling herself out from between myself and the wall. "Look at me," She stared at herself in the mirror. Sweat dripped from every inch of her body, her makeup was out of line, and her hair was all over the place, yet sexy. "I don't see how guys can call girl beautiful after a time like this. I look a hot mess."

I smiled, shaking my head, "You look absolutely gorgeous. No lies."

I slipped my clothes back into place, giving Lucie my under shirt to put on since I messed her up. She smiled, picking her underwear up off of the floor, sliding them into my pocket.

"How about we go finish our coffee and goodies," She flashed one of those little good girl smiles at me, turning to walk out.

I grabbed her arm, pulling her back. She fell back into my arms, kissing her neck and cheek, "Thank you, beautiful," I turned her around in my arms, "For everything. Thank you."
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