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Would You Destroy Something Perfect, in Order to Make It Beautiful?

“I was almost asleep when his door burst open and his father was in the doorway, bottle at hand. He tore Jack away from me and he tried to rape me. Jack got him away from me but his dad pushed him against the wall. He dropped the bottle and took his pocket knife out. He stuck it in Jack’s mouth, and told him that he was too serious. He was too young to be serious. Said he needed to smile more. I screamed at him to let Jack go but he ignored me and started to carve a smile in Jack’s face. ‘Why so serious?’ he asked. Jack didn’t cry, he just let his father cut him."

This doesn't have a happy ending, but there is romance.

Used to be titled: You're A Criminal As Long As You're Mine
I dont own Joker, or Batman, but I do own Lillee and the plot.
TItle inspired by My Chemical Romance