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Spilled Paint and Whisper Melodies


When I reached the school it was already three minutes past the late bell, I sigh. Hopefully this new 'hot' teacher would take my reason. I roll my eyes at Jessie's observation, knowing her he probably was some bald buff dude.

I quickly get my books out of my locker and hurry off to history.

When I opened the door the teacher looked straight at me and my heart about stopped. This was the one time that Jessie wasn't bullshiting the attractiveness of a teacher. He had long black hair and warm brown eyes. I don't think I've seen a more beautiful man.

"Are you one of my students?" I nod, not trusting myself to speak. After hearing his warm honey-like angelic voice, my mind turned to mesh.

"Then why are you late?" I swallow.

"I-uh.. h-had.. my little s-sister.." His eyebrows creased in confusion, I look down silently cursing my slight speech impediment.

"He takes his little sister to school each morning." I looked to my eccentric best friend silently thanking the lords that I had this class with her. The man nods.

"Well, I'm Mr. Dean. Your new AP History teacher, your are?"

"T-Tristan O-Owens sir." The sides of his mouth twitch upwards in a slight lopsided smile.

"Could you please take a seat?" I nod and quickly take a seat next to Rhiley, my other best friend.

I could feel his gaze on the side of my face, the pity was unbearable. He puts his hand on my shoulder in a comforting manner as if to say 'It's going to be okay Tan-man.' The thought of his nickname for me put a small smile on my face.

Rhiley always knew what to do and when to do it. It was like his gift.

After that Mr.Dean went into a lecture about how he graded.. or how fair he was.. or how he deciplined. I'm not quite sure to tell you the truth, I just couldn't help myself from listening to his ivory like voice, or staring at his god-like looks.

I am so going to fail this class.

When the bell rings I shoot up from my chair and try to bolt out of the room, but Mr.Dean stops me. "Mr. Owens." I turn to him and whisper out a small yes.

"That sitaution with your sister, will it cause you to lag behind in my class? If so do you think you might be able to get anyone else to bring her to school?" My eyes widen, was he trying to ask me if my sister was a probelm?

"O-Of course not! I g-got all of m-my work in for Mrs. K-Kitcher. I-I passed her class w-with an A. A-And even i-if.. I did get b-behind... I h-have no one that could t-take her."

My voice drops.

"O-Our mom is always away on business t-trips a-and o-our dad died w-when I w-was 10."

His face fell into a look of sadness and pity... and there was some look of.. regret? In his eyes. "If you do need help, feel free to stop by at lunch or after school." I nod and rush quickly out of the door.

Jessie catchs up to my side quickly. "Told you!"

I roll my eyes.

"I guess."

She scoffs, "I guess? Please you know you found him beautiful." I ignore her walking away to my second hour.
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