Status: Attackative

Looking For The Words

Everest's family owns an upscale winter resort. One that Lucas' family visits every year. 

Last year was paradise for both of them, a winter fling of sorts. But it was more than just a fling. At least, that's what Everest thought. Once Lucas left, that was it. No calls. No contact. Whatsoever. Even though he promised.

When Everest see's that Lucas' family booked two rooms this year, as per usual, how's he supposed to react? What, exactly, does this mean? As hard as he's tried to forget him, he just can't. He has also completely given up on the concept of love. After a disappointment like that, how can he not? But that's okay, he's fine on his own.

It was just a small thing. Right? One winter. It didn't mean anything. Sometimes, though, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.