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Pretty Red Pumpkin Skittles.

Mikey Way is 27 and alone.
He work's as a manager at his local coffee house.
He feels depressed and lonely most of his day's and tries to keep himself sane.
When one day, Mikey's brother Gerard forces Mikey to join a dating website, who knew what he would get.
'Pretty Pumpkin' wants to talk to you

Will this be what he needs in life?
  1. Chapter One.
    Internet Dating.
  2. Chapter Two.
    10 Question's...
  3. Chapter Three.
    10 Question's part 2.
  4. Chapter Four.
    First sight and Interruptions.
  5. Chapter Five
    Lunch and drama.
  6. Chapter Six.
    Tattoo's and meetings.
  7. Chapter Seven.
    Date part one.
  8. Chapter Eight
    Date part two.
  9. Chapter Nine.
    Mikey's bored.
  10. Chapter Ten.
    Dinner and a serious conversation.
  11. Chapter Eleven.
    Mikey's son.
  12. Chapter Twelve.
    James and Frank meet.
  13. Chapter Thirteen.
    Mikey get's what he wants.
  14. Chapter Fourteen.
    Ice Cream, The Park and A Bed Time Story.
  15. Chapter Fifteen
    Emily's question and Shower fun.
  16. Chapter Sixteen.
    Getting ***ed.
  17. Chapter Seventeen.
    10 years later...
  18. Chapter Eighteen
    I want to hurt you back.