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Work Experience


Matt Sanders had a serious problem. This problem contained two people, both female and both fucking hard work to deal with. Now to be fair, Matt had brought this problem on himself, he’d drank far too much, had a phone conversation with his mother, of all people, and from there on in it had got worse.

Matt Sanders was, in the technical terms, utterly fucked.

Now the two girls previously mentioned. One Nicole Lowman, a 18 year old tear away, who had to do two weeks work experience somewhere. Turned out she wanted to manage bands, a big plus since the son of her parents best friends happened to be in a world famous rock band; that would be Matt Sanders, M.Shadows to fans, the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold.

Now the second issue came, in the form of the manager of Avenged Sevenfold, a 26year old female from merry old England, Rhian Jones. Now throughout her career she was known in the music industry for her no nonsense, argumentative, and tough management; so no one was surprised when she took over as manager for hell raisers, residing in Huntington Beach, Avenged Sevenfold. The boys had the surprise of their lives with her, she kept their image of anarchy up, while backstage was like military boot camp. They respected her when she worked, but than drank her under the table out of hours; that mix lead to a successful touring season for their City of Evil album.

Now the boys were touring, and promoting their new self titled album; and things had stepped up.

She was the main problem, there was no way in hell, Rhian would let Matt have a random girl on the bus who wanted experience with bands. Even if Matt left her with one of the Berry twins, Rhian would lose it. Niki was bound to get in the way, and he knew Rhian’s opinion on that one.

The problem was, Matt had agreed she could come out with them, hell he’d promised his mum she could. Now everyone knows, when you promise your mum something you damn well follow through with the promise.

Matt Sanders was well and truly fucked…

Or so he thought.

“This is so cool,” Nicole, Niki, muttered walking beside Matt. “I mean this is your life,”

“One and only,” Matt replied walking towards the large tour bus. “Now a few things I need to say before we step on there,” He pointed to the back of the lot where the bus was parked; Niki’s eyes went wide.

“Ah huh?”

“No drinking, no smoking, no hitting on guys, no bringing guys back, no staying in anyone else’s bunk but yours, no tattoos, no drugs and finally-” He paused taking a deep breath and looking around. Niki was already glaring at him, but he did not care this last piece of information was essential. “You do not under any circumstances appear near our manager today,”

“What? Why? Matt I’m meant to be on work experiences as a band manager!”

“Tough, she doesn’t know your hear, she will fucking flip her lid,”

“You have a female manager?”

“Yeah Rhian, nightmare,”

“Oh,” Niki nodded as Matt went to type in the pin, and open the bus door.

“Matt?” Both of them, gazed up at the English accent.


“Matt seriously, this-” Rhian appeared at the door, her eyes focusing straight on Niki. “You have got to be kidding me?”

“She’s a fan!”

“I don’t care, what have I told you about groupies!”

“You bi-” Niki snapped suddenly realising what this girl was talking about.

“Not now!” Matt mumbled putting his hand straight over Niki’s mouth. “She’s just leaving,”

“Better be, get on this bus,” Rhian added with a hiss, turning round and going back up the steps of the bus.

“Wait behind the bus, I’ll let you in through the back,” Matt told Niki, who was going to argue but seeing the anger on Matt’s face decided to back down. “Just wait,”

“Waiting,” She muttered turning on her heels, this was going to be one long fucking work experience. Niki had thought this was the job of a life time, spending a month on the road with Avenged Sevenfold, getting to try her hand at her dream job; didn’t that sound perfect?

Now with no chance of touching alcohol, drugs, or guys, she was reconsidering her choice. Matt was meant to be cool with it all, but it seemed to Niki as if he was going to act like her dad. That just wouldn’t work.

“Hey lady!” Niki turned hearing someone shout.

“Yeah?” Niki replied realising the guy was walking towards her. Her eyes trailed up and down his body; boy wasn’t bad looking.

“You with Avenged?”

“Maybe, what’s it too you?”

“Nothing,” The guy chuckled, reaching Niki and stopping in front of her. “You just look like their type,”

“And you are?” Niki questioned, noticing the boys eyes fixing on her chest. A smirk crossed her lips, maybe touring wouldn’t be so bad. He had shoulder length black hair, dark eyes and tattoos peeking out on his arms. He was taller than her, with a fit body but not enough muscle for her liking. The boy defiantly was around her age, he had that rock and roll feel about him; and his choice of clothing only added to that.

All in all, he could be quite fun.

“I play guitar for Black Tide, we’re supporting Avenged,” Niki just nodded, smiling at him.

“I guess I’ll see you around then,”

“So you are with Avenged! What’s your name beautiful?”

“Niki,” She answered with a coy smile. “I’m sure you’ll remember it,” The guys smirked back, looking her up and down again.

“Maybe you’d like to come to our bus, since your just hanging outside here,” He asked, his voice full of suggestion. Niki weighed up her options for a few seconds, stand outside waiting for Matt to let her in and then get abused by some stuck up British cow, or go to this guys bus and get laid…

“Yeah, nothing else to do!” She answered.

“Good, this way then,” He smirked, his arm going around her shoulders; boy wasn’t lacking in confidence then!

“Guy’s seriously, this place is a mess, and we have an interview with at 2pm, that’s an hour and half to get ready!” Rhian shouted appearing back in the bus with Matt behind her. “For god sake where is Johnny?”

“Bed,” Zacky Baker answered from his place on the sofa, he sat there in his boxers, clutching a bowl of cereal. “God this cereal reminds me of last night,”

“What?” Rhian muttered, regretting asking the question already.

“Rev’s puke!”

“The Rev does not puke!” Shouted Jimmy Sullivan, aka The Rev, as he walked down the bus and into the main room.

“Jimmy for god sake put some clothes on!” Rhian groaned diverting her eyes.

“Oh come off it women you love this,” He mocked, striding around naked.

“Jimmy I mean it,” She hissed turning round to look at Matt; the only fully clothed member of the band. “Now I’ve told you about bringing girls onto this-”

“Oh is Nik-” Jimmy started but was quickly cut off by a panicky Matt.

“I told you!” He defended himself to Rhian. “She was just a fan who wanted autographs,” Rhian looked at him and shock her head.

“Don’t lie to me Matt,” She turned away from him, and Matt knew already she was disappointed. He hated disappointing her, with all the hard work she put into the band, he always felt the most guilty when things went wrong for her. Rhian was amazing to put up with their shit, she deserved the truth; just not right now, maybe when she was in a better mood. “I’m going to check on Johnny and Brian, the rest of you get ready,” She muttered walking away from Matt.

“Wow she was not happy,” Zack muttered putting his bowl of cereal down. “Shads you really upset her,”

“Fuck knows why, we all bend the truth sometimes, but when its you she always gets all blah!” Jimmy added looking at Matt who just shrugged.

“Beats me. But you!” He suddenly turned on Jimmy. “She doesn’t know about Niki, so could you- Fuck Niki!”

“With pleasure!” Jimmy smirked, though Matt just ignored him, realising he’d left Niki standing at the back of the bus.

“I’ll be right back, I’ve got to hide her somewhere,”

“My bunks free!” Jimmy smirked, wriggling his eyebrows.

“Somewhere she won’t get raped,”

“Not rape if she wants it!” Jimmy called back falling onto the sofa. “You know what I think,” He muttered to Zack who looked up. “Rhian likes Matt,” Zacky just burst out laughing, chocking on his cereal in the process.

“Don’t be fucking stupid dude!” He finally managed to speak. “Matt’s probably the last person on earth she’d date! No I take that back you are the last person on earth she’d date!” He smirked.

“Oh fuck off, she wants me!”

“To get ready!” Rhian shouted appearing at the gap between the main room on the bus, and the bunks. “Now!”

“Yes mum!”
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